Re the articles about Korumburra’s water supply (‘Dan the Man good for Korumburra water’, Sentinel-Times 23/12/14, p5 and The Star) Mr Bob McKaige states that South Gippsland Water (SGW) will start pumping a supplementary water supply from the Tarwin River in January; I am not sure if the ‘bulk entitlements’ (Leongatha Amendment Order 2010 signed by the then Labour Minister for Water Tim Holding) allows water under that permit to be pumped to Korumburra.
Mr Rankine, not as a councillor said: “when you are short of water, the other solution is to take it from rivers and the ground” (The Star 23/12/14, p7).
SGW ground water licence no BEE031909 as the final hydrogeological report dated August 21, 2008 by Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) states, was renewed for three years with an amendment (No 459435) as a result of a local farmers’ VCAT hearing, for a total of 715ML per year.
Murray Goulburn has a 100ML per year bore licence.
These bores take water from Woorayl Graben (basin).
As of Southern Rural Water’s December 1998 monitoring bore assessment program of Leongatha Ground Management Authority by SKM, it is believed that the west branch of the Tarwin (Leongatha and Koonwarra area) is charged from the Woorayl Basin.
Then if so, if the pressure in the basin is lowered too much, the Tarwin may in fact dry up.
I believe the west branch of the Tarwin is unlike almost all other South Gippsland rivers and has never dried up.
Mr David Amor, president of the Korumburra Business Association believes increasing the capacity of the Korumburra reservoirs will solve Korumburra’s water problems.
But do the overflow figures over the last 10 years show that increased capacity of the reservoirs would in fact allow them to be full?
Reservoir walls also have to be updated to be earthquake proof.
Also the filtration plant is outdated and not capable of a higher capacity of giving high quality potable water.
Newly elected ALP State Minister of Water Ms Harriet Shing has seemingly only tried to make political statements when in fact, seemingly, all decisions on bore and river pumping and the deal were made in a 10 year period under a state ALP government.
Perhaps it is time that SGW take a real community based decision instead of what may or may not has and is still happening now.
Action should also make sure that farmers who rely on ground and river water, Southern Rural Water and SKM have tried to achieve up to this time.
Paul Norton, Leongatha South