Web_letter-from-invySo could whoever let the ‘lanterns’ loose on New Year’s Eve in Inverloch please stand up and tell us how exactly you managed such an impressive light show, which to any casual observer would seem to have required a considerable budget and some very sophisticated technology?
In fact, right at this moment the word ‘unidentified’ is still firmly attached to your flying objects, and you have done a wonderful job of mightily confusing myself and more than a few others.
So what am I talking about?
I’m talking about four large, bright amber lights which silently cruised across the Inverloch skyline on a low, single file trajectory towards the west at a few moments to midnight on December 31, bailed up apparently somewhere between Inverloch and Cape Paterson for the first minute or two of 2015, and then hung a left and headed for Tasmania on two slightly divergent tracks, eventually fading out of sight at about six minutes past the hour.
It was an impressive effort for anything which was not self-propelled, given that what little breeze there was left over from a blowy day was still set from the South West. So while I can understand, given the timing of the event, that the second-hand story I have heard of celebratory ‘lanterns’ would be appealing to many, nothing that I saw from my upstairs deck could be satisfactorily explained by such festive spirit.
And the fact that I have personally seen these same lights on two previous occasions, in company with others, would tend to indicate that either someone is very busy trying to confound both myself and the many other people who have seen similar amber lights over many years, or else they stand as completely unexplained and hence unidentified.
But what also interests me is people’s reactions.
I don’t know if it’s something about me personally, but whenever I speak to someone they always seem to jump to the conclusion that I am a firm believer in small green men.
And this is after I have said nothing of the sort and have simply reported on what I observed.
And no, I was not drunk or otherwise affected by party substances on any of the three occasions, including New Year’s Eve.
And I almost put an exclamation mark on that sentence, because I’m actually a very sober person who would like to think that I’m a reliable witness.
So, while I have no reason to discount any possibility, all that I am saying is that I saw some very impressive lights, as did some few others, and would very much like to hear from anyone else who also saw them.
And, given the timing, they must have been visible to many people along the coast.
Of particular interest would be the perspective from anyone who was either on Inverloch foreshore directly south of the main street, or at the RACV complex, Eagle’s Nest or Cape Paterson.
You can lodge a report at www.vufoa.com, or else contact your local paper.
And from here on in I’m carrying a camera or a phone, as I would dearly love to have a photograph hanging in my living room of Inverloch, New Year’s Eve, 2015.
And if anyone else actually has one, I would love to see it.