poor-memorial-for-top-ladyThe memorial to Veronica Markley was laid on November 12, 1993. D1000315

Has anyone else noticed what has happened to The Veronica Markley memorial garden strip outside Woolworths Leongatha?
It has had most of the plants removed and an ugly red scoria replaces them.
This garden was a fine, fitting memorial to a former long-time employee who grew outstanding, beautiful roses and loved her garden.
Those of us who remember her and her family were happy to see flowers and shrubs there, which added pleasure to the surroundings and reminded us of the human side of supermarkets.
No longer it seems.
If subsequent managers don’t know the history of our town and its people, its time they asked questions of those who do.
Yours in some annoyance at what has happened,
Gwen Chapman, Leongatha