serious-racing-interrupts-summer-sailing-seriesMatt Kiely stretches to the limit in his Impulse during blustery conditions at Andersons Inlet recently.

RECENT weather in Inverloch created havoc on the last two days of the Serous Surf Stuff Series and consternation amongst yachties trying to win this series held between Christmas and New Year commencing on December 27 and concluding on December 30.
The series commencement was celebrated with ideal sailing weather with south-west winds of eight to 10 knots with 22 yachts taking to the water.
Visitors were welcomed from Port Melbourne, Black Rock and Royal Brighton yacht clubs as well as representatives from the Impulse Association.
The race officer set a very challenging course which used up a vast area of Andersons Inlet at a full tide and took around 100 minutes to complete.
Sunday, December 28 revealed another day with sunny weather, with light winds and a fierce outgoing tide.
Under these conditions the race officer had difficulty setting a good course.
The first race of the day commenced with 19 yachts with most yachts finding it difficult to complete the first lap in time.
However, changing wind conditions came to the fore during the race with the wind increasing in strength and becoming a southerly.
Sailors who had persisted with the wind were suddenly rewarded with an advantage over others sailors.
In the afternoon, the wind continued to increase in strength to 10-12 knots from the south west with 19 excited sailors revelling in the great conditions.
All sailors completed a challenging course.
Monday, December 29 dawned with an unpredictable weather forecast: warnings about very strong winds, hail and rain around lunchtime were being published.
The race officer set up the first course of the day with north westerly winds of 11 to 13 knots with an outgoing tide.
The race commenced on time at 11am with 11 sailors and completed without incident.
Early in the afternoon, the predicted storm arrived with 20 to 30 knot winds and rain.
Naturally, Race 5 of the Series was abandoned.
The severe weather did not let up on Tuesday, December 30 with strong winds and heavy rain.
Races 6 and 7 were cancelled with the visitors from other clubs departing, happy with the hospitality they had received from the South Gippsland Yacht Club but less than happy at not being able to sail as often as they would have liked.
The presentations for the Serious Surf Stuff Series over four races were held on Sunday, January 4 at the club rooms.
Results: C Class: 1st Abbey Argus-Smith (Laser), 2nd Oscar Llewellyn (Sabre).
B Class: 1st Keith Cousens (Impulse), 2nd Toby Leppin (Impulse).
A Class: 1st Wayne Smith (Windrush), 2nd Rob McNair (Windrush).
All were presented with vouchers from the Serious Surf Stuff in Inverloch.