Bass Coast Shire Council’s (BCSC) threats to neglect the roads in Sunset Strip are gaining new momentum.
Years of neglect followed by threats of more years of neglect if property owners don’t tow the council line on Road and Drainage Special Charge Schemes (SCS) has become a way of life in Sunset Strip.
While the BCSC has been very busy filling potholes and laying a new primer seal road surface in Smiths Beach, Bermagui Crescent in Sunset Strip has become a driving hazard with some parts of the road surface resembling a cratered lunar landscape.
It seems the lack of maintenance will lead to further major deterioration and ultimately the BCSC’s threat to dig up the roads will take place; probably with no notice or consultation and when least expected in a manner similar to what happened last year in Pioneer Bay.
Shame, shame, shame.
Obviously, BCSC’s agenda is more important than the immediate safety and needs of many in the community.
Who is this council working for?
Our McHaffie Ward representative Mayor Cr Kimberley Brown, in her first Mayoral Column in the Advertiser, said that the council would be working harder than ever “to achieve our targets to fulfil our council plan and objectives”.
What about community plans and objectives?
All we’ve been offered is a questionnaire where if people don’t reply the BSCS grab them as being on its side.
We hope the residents of Pioneer Bay get a fairer go.
Whose idea was it to suck an extra $50 million out of Bass Coast Shire communities for expensive road schemes they may not want?
Why are less costly alternatives never mentioned?
Is this a ploy to keep many well-paid public servants busy while the rest of us struggle with debts? Who are they serving, themselves or us?
In all of this debate BCSC still has not come up with any fresh ideas to improve the road surface in Sunset Strip and address some problems with drainage as part of its responsibility.
We still believe the primer seal road surface program is a terrific alternative and has a proven track record, evident with the new road works in Smiths beach and Rhyll.
Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective, Sunset Strip,