envelope-budgetIt would appear that South Gippslanders are being treated with contempt by its two very recently re-elected State Government representatives.
I’m sure that I’m not the only one who was surprised that Peter Ryan did not resign prior to the election and anoint a successor, or “smell a rat” at the sudden move of our MLC’s office from Sale to Leongatha.
In the announcement of his resignation, Mr Ryan will be giving a nod to two Nationals members; it was stunning to see him reported as saying, “I do think that if Danny O’Brien (currently Nationals Member for Eastern Region in the Upper House) were to run he’d be a terrific candidate.”
I have never seen such cynical behaviour in over 50 years of carefully considered voting; but it’s obviously still the norm for National Party candidates to take their re-election in country electorates for granted.
Back in 1973 it was also the case, and it took the exchange of preferences between new Liberal and Labor candidates (the late Alan Wood and myself) to change the long-held status quo in Swan Hill which resulted in the election of a Liberal to join the Hamer Government and give 10 years of unprecedented value to the electorate until his resignation due to ill-health.
It’s certainly time for rebellion at the ballot box and the chance to be represented by “fair dinkum” MPs who have to deliver to survive rather than coast along.
One can only hope that South Gippsland electors will no longer be fooled by empty promises; I for one would rather vote for a young kelpie who is keen to nip the heels of tired sheep than an old drover’s dog.
Pat Fraser, Toora.