envelope-budgetI find it interesting but not surprising that the Bass Coast Shire councillors and council staff have really mastered the art of ignoring the majority of residents with total disregard to what the ratepayers want and need.
With the Inverloch dog bans, the councillors totally ignored the consultation meetings, wasting large amounts of ratepayers’ money, and also ignored residents’ independent inputs.
And when the unreasonable, unnecessary and also very complicated dog regulations came in, they have ignored most of the correspondence from the residents who had a very simple question.
Why have we got such a mess? There seems to be a new regulation every 300m.
The ban on dogs east of Cuttriss Street to the end of the foreshore camping area is as silly as you can get.
All of the regulations lacking common sense and logic but that seems to be fitting for some councillors.
Now we have a beach littered with large signs telling us how the council wants us to live.
By the time they get all the signs to cover all entrances to the beach telling us ‘do this, don’t do that’, it won’t be a pretty sight.
The bans are already causing a breakdown in what was a very friendly social gathering for people and their dogs, but now, depending on the tide, it is all very limited.
It is easy to see why the Bass Coast Shire Council is not winning any popularity polls in Inverloch.
The council may think they have fixed a problem but there was no problem in the first place.
The whole exercise is a disgrace on our council.
So if you intend to write a letter to council, do not hold your breath waiting for a reply.
Robert Scott, Inverloch.