envelope-budgetThank you for your article regarding ragwort infestations, particularly the one opposite Milne Road on the Loch-Wonthaggi Road.
All residents need to be made aware of the cunning and destructive potential of this weed.
You may be interested to know and it is likely that your photograph (page 8) was taken after the infestation had been sprayed by the current new owners.
With all due respect, the situation on their property has been caused through inaction of the prior owner, who only took action after being reported by local land-holders to the DEPI (Department of Environment and Primary Industries).
The previous owner does not appear to have informed the new owners of the property of the time-bomb that they inherited by purchasing this parcel of land and unfortunately did not know what this weed was.
That owner has simply taken the money and run.
Contact with DEPI Leongatha over the previous two years has seen very pro-active support from that source and without their assistance local landholders would be facing an even more devastating outcome!
Bass Coast Landcare Network has also been assisting after contact through the Bass Coast Shire.
The new owners, now aware of what they have inherited, have taken steps to correct the situation by having this infestation sprayed at what I imagine will be very high cost to themselves as this infestation was only able to be sprayed by helicopter due to the steepness of the terrain.
I also believe that they intend to carry out follow up control in the future.
Let’s hope so as it will now take around 10 years of careful vigilance to ensure it is eradicated.