envelope-budgetIt seems Bass Coast Shire Council is deliberately hiding information that could be of great importance to Inverloch residents and businesses.
At least five councillors are aware of a strange creature that lives on the beach adjacent to the Inverloch inlet caravan park that could either be a tourist attraction to rival the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland and/or a threat to the young children who play in and around the area roped off for hooded plovers, but refuse to disclose what it is.
In November last year these councillors avoided the scrutiny of a consultancy process costing tens of thousands of dollars by introducing a secret motion to ban the 40 per cent of families who have a dog from walking it on a large section of the Inlet beach because “even the smell of a dog” is a threat to the wildlife in the area.
On two separate occasions I have submitted a question at council meetings in an attempt to identify this rare species.
In response I have received the type of weasel words that are designed to keep the identity of the creature a secret.
At the most recent meeting Cr Crugnale wasted several minutes of everyone’s time listing all sorts of irrelevant reports she had presumably since found with the aid of Mr Google without once addressing the question asked, ‘what is the name of this mysterious species?’.
In my mind I am imagining a strange creature that emerges from the deeper channels of the inlet with a huge nose out of proportion with the rest of its body (to smell the dogs).
Presumably it is not afraid of humans, which leads my concern for young children in the area.
Whatever it is, I have been unable to find a single reference to anything similar that lives on a beach anywhere in the world and it will surely become a tourist attraction to rival the Phillip Island penguins!
Keith Finney, Inverloch.