Rally_golfMeeniyan lady golfers Linda Brown, president Faye Le Page, Jenny Cope and Irene Holm are signing on for the Big Hole Golf Day on February 22.

THERE’S a certain amount of craziness needed to drive long distances through the Australian outback in rugged terrain in a regular-sized car.
There’s an even bigger amount of craziness needed to arrive in a city, without a car or a map, win a car at auction, then drive it around the New South Wales bush for five days.
But when it’s all in aid of raising money for the Cancer Council, instead of crazy – it transforms into an exciting and fun adventure.
And that’s exactly what Meeniyan’s John and David Hattam have signed up for.
The Mystery Box Rally is described as the ‘mad baby brother’ of the Shitbox Rally.
Mystery Box Rally is smaller and shorter but no less ridiculous.
You fly into a departure location with no car and no idea where you’re heading.
Mystery Box finds the cars, makes sure they are registered and roadworthy and then it’s opened for bidding the night before the rally departs.
All 75 teams, with two team mates, must raise at least $3000 to participate. Any extra money can be used to bid for a car.
One car is presented at a time and there’s no chance to look over the car or under the bonnet except after winning the auction.
Father and son team David and John (Team DJ) only know they will be leaving from Sydney on November 28 and returning to Sydney on December 2.
“It’s something a bit fun, something different and a new way to raise funds that help so many people,” David said.
“My grandparents passed away from cancer – Stan Elliott, my mother’s father, and Dorothy Hattam, my grandmother on my dad’s side – and we’ve had friends affected too.
“By participating we have to raise $3000 at least and our first big event is the big hole golf day at Meeniyan.
“We’re opening with that but we’ll have other events on too.”
David said it was incredible that during the five years of the Shitbox Rally, which has cars driving from Sydney to Alice Springs via the Oodnadatta Track, and the Mystery Box Rally, $4.4 million has been raised for cancer research.
See below for more information on the golf day, or donate directly to the cause via the Mystery Box Rally, search for Team DJ and donate at www.mystery-box.com.au.

Tee off for cancer
Golfers are invited to help fight cancer by playing a social game in support of John and David Hattam’s Mystery Box Rally on February 22 at the Meeniyan Golf Club.
The day will start with a shotgun start at 10am; there are special events including mystery putting, raffles, prizes and more.
It will be a four-person Ambrose event.
The cost to play is just $25 and a barbecue lunch is provided.
Motorised buggies and clubs are available for hire (though bookings are appreciated).
For more information, contact David Hattam on 0419 391 712 or John on 0457 221 065.