envelope-budgetI’m absolutely amazed at how out of touch with the general community Bass Coast Shire councillor Phil Wright is.
I do hope he is not representative of the rest of the councillors.
The government’s reason for bringing in a cap on rates is because local councils have proven time and time again they have acted irresponsibly when it comes to rates charged.
The current economic situation clearly should indicate to council any rate increase greater than CPI is unsustainable by the ratepayers.
We currently have higher unemployment and wage movement has been the lowest in 20 years.
The last three rate increases have been around three times that of inflation.
It’s time to put our horns in. As a manufacturer I am expected, on an annual basis, to reduce costs.
The rationale is as you gain experience in a job you should be able to streamline your practices and consequently reduce costs.
Instead of our councillor saying that the new potential council candidates who stand to reduce rates do not have any economic grasp, maybe he should take the reverse approach. That is, I am not competent as I can’t control my spending habits.
It’s like people who run up debt on their credit cards because, in the main, they don’t have the self-control to run a budget.
Councillor, if you can’t be economically responsible, then the government must take control.
Geoff Bell, Ruby.