DalystonmessIs this the worst looking block in Dalyston? Local residents sure think so.

AN unkempt vacant block in Dalyston has left residents wondering what it will take for Bass Coast Shire Council to intervene.
Notoriously well-known to most in town, the Dalyston-Glen Forbes Road property is riddled with rubbish including several rusty trailers full of junk, an old caravan, a makeshift wall of aluminium and plenty of weeds.
According to locals, a house resided towards the front of the property until it burnt down around eight years ago.
The property was also once home to Dalyston’s earliest bakery, with an old concrete slab and scattered bricks the only remaining evidence of such a structure.
Arthur Bambridge, a Dalyston resident of 30 years, walks by the property each morning to get his morning paper from the General Store, and he sighs every time.
“What an eyesore,” he says, shaking his head.
“I’ve rung the council three times about cleaning this place up, and they just tell me they don’t know where (the owner) lives.”
While the site didn’t look particularly attractive when the Sentinel-Times visited last Wednesday, Arthur said it was the best it had looked in some time.
“Someone only recently came to cut the grass and remove some blackberries, which were sticking out along the footpath,” he said.
Arthur added that temporary fencing had also previously been installed across the front of the block, but that had also been removed.
“It always looked like it was going to fall over,” he said.
John Rivers, owner-manager of the Dalyston General Store, which is located right next door to the offending block, says he has received similar feedback from council when he and his wife, Aida, have complained.
John said apart from the block being unsightly, he worries about snakes and other vermin in the overgrown mess.
“People who come into the shop constantly comment on how bad it looks and when something might be done about it,” he said.
The Sentinel-Times asked the shire how many complaints had been made regarding the block over the years, and whether any action had been taken against the owner, but received a limited response.
“For privacy reasons, we won’t comment on a particular piece of residential land,” General Manager Healthy Communities, David Elder, explained.