envelope-budgetThe proposed 1000 cow dairy farm at Kernot needs to be rejected by the Bass Coast Shire Council.
The land is suitable for at most 500 cows.
The farming zone contemplates that farmers will not abuse the land by overdevelopment.
Building industrial buildings unsuited to our climate is a further problem.
The council has a serious obligation to preserve its assets. These assets include the healthy pristine environment of Kernot, the fragile river flats and Bass River water course, the roads and community social network.
GHD on behalf of the overseas developer have no vested interest in meeting these requirements nor does the developer.
The Blue Gum Forest of the western district using harebrained investment schemes failed those communities and the investors lost millions and instigated Supreme Court proceedings which failed. This must not be let happen in Bass Coast.
Council cannot rely on VCAT which has been the source of many disappointments for many communities and individuals.
Its members are appointed with limited tenure. They lack the traditional guarantees of judicial independence and are often unqualified to perform the work which they do.
China is facing an oversupply of milk and prices are falling. Some Chinese farmers are forced to reduce their herds.
Murray Goulburn is struggling to export its products and is selling milk at giveaway prices – below the price of bottled water.
It makes no sense to put 1000 cows on a 500 cow farm either environmentally or economically.
Please rally behind Kernot.
Alan McDonald, Bass.