childrens_hubBass Valley Children’s Centre Inc president Christina Keeble thanks Grantville and District Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank manager Trudy Jamieson for the show of support.

THE BASS Valley Children’s Centre (BVCC) project is one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to a massive funding boost from San Remo and District Financial Services Limited (SRDFS).
SRDFS is the community-based operators of the Community Bank branches of the Bendigo Bank at San Remo, Cowes and Grantville.
It was announced last week that SRDFS has joined the Bass Valley Children’s Centre Funding Partnership and chipped in a mammoth $40,000 towards the initiative – a significant display of support for local families in the Bass Valley district who are desperate for improved child care services.
Secretary of the BVCC board, Tanya Hughes, was thrilled with the news.
“Our group, representing the needs of the community, wrote to the San Remo Financial Services, Bendigo Community Bank Board seeking a funding pledge towards the community component that’s needed to contribute to the establishment costs for the proposed children’s centre,” she said.
“We were pleased to be invited to meet with the board and outline the project and funding needs.
“The response came the next day with verbal advice from (Community Bank) chairman Terry Ashenden, advising that they would support the project.”
The BVVC board is delighted as this boost helps them move towards achieving the community contribution target.
However, further funds are required, and president Christine Keeble said the BVCC board will continue in its efforts to raise funds from other philanthropic organisations and through the efforts of local fundraising activities.
The overall project is moving forward swiftly, with Bass Coast Shire Council preparing to work on planning for the building and developing capital funding submissions to state and federal governments.
“We have a long way to go yet, but we’re are hopeful that by working with funding partners and the council we will achieve our goal of a precinct in Corinella Road that is a centre of educational excellence providing improved services for children aged zero to 12 and their families,” Ms Hughes said.
“We can only hope for the children and for the sake of families, that the state and federal governments see the critical need for this facility and recognise the benefits to all when this project is delivered.
“They need to hear the pleas of local families, as we do.
“It’s heartbreaking
Community Bank chairman, Terry Ashenden, said he and the board were thoroughly impressed with the BVCC’s presentation.
The Community Bank also provided $40,000 to a similar project a few years ago – the Phillip Island Children’s Hub.
If it goes ahead, the Bass Valley Children’s Centre will be developed on the site of the current JLM Kindergarten on Corinella Road.
The BVCC board is hoping to secure Federal funding in the near future and will be inviting Flinders MP Greg Hunt to the site.
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