nyoraAction from the Crash ‘n’ Bash at Nyora Speedway recently. Photo courtesy of Pirate Media Group.

WHILE Peter Cox survived the knock ‘em down antics of the full contact Crash ‘n’ Bash speedway sedans to take the feature win at Nyora Raceway recently, the irony was that the two other feature events were both won by drivers whose surnames suggested they should have been in the Crash ‘n’ Bash division.
Shona Bent won the VSC Sedans main event while little brother Seth Bent took out the 1200cc Junior Sedan category in a night of panel crunching speedway excitement.
What started out as over two dozen cars on a swelteringly hot afternoon on March 21, finished with just five remaining runners at the conclusion of the CnB feature led by Peter Cox from veteran Frank Sinclair, the left rear tyre-less Lennie Bonnici, Dinky Parker and Ben Warren.
Clearly, there no holds barred speedway style had taken its toll after Shannon Mair (2), Victor Benson, Finley Bourke (2) and Cox had shared the exciting heat wins.
In the main event Mair had led away early in the big, beat-up Valiant and looked strong until he spun, or was spun, at the half way point. Cox, who’d only completed one heat which he won, then inherited the lead and never looked back.
The VSC Sedans saw a trio of contenders fighting it out right from the start of the night with every heat race a three way battle between Jaedyn Alberni, Joel Andrews and Shona Bent.
This trio swapped and re-swapped the lead on numerous times with Alberni scoring two wins from Andrews. Alberni’s efforts were exceptional seeing as he hadn’t raced for 12 months which was belied by his on track performance.
In their main event, Alberni led early until the track slicked off a little and Bent was able to move to the front after some great side by side racing.
Andrews made a number of passes but turn three/four caused him a couple of problems and some almost spins kept hampering his forward charges.
As they hit the finish line Shona Bent scored here second Nyora feature win of the season ahead of Alberni, and Andrews.
Earlier in the main event Daniel Angus and Rob Bushell had been having an aggressive race for fourth until Angus suffered a minor injury after strong contact between the pair initiated by an aggressive attempted pass by Angus.
The 1200cc junior sedans became a confidence boosting result for Seth Bent after he and Josh Stewart had a hug two car battle for lap after lap after running about 3 laps totally side by side without the slightest contact being made.
It was a tough night for Jack Ramsdale however who looked to have an edge on speed after taking the first two heats comfortably before “cooking” the engine. Stewart took advantage to win the third heat from Bent in a close affair.
Also on the program was some “spirited” demonstration laps from the VSC vintage sprintcars where Tim Sankey was on the gas in his first blast in a winged warrior. Sankey however was still using sedan style steering techniques which gave him a couple of hairy moments but he sure entertained the crowd.
The next event on the Nyora calendar is Saturday, March 14 with the Dave Maslen Memorial for Division II Hot Rods, plus Compact Speedcars, Mini-Sprints, a round of the VSC Sedan Super Series and the VSC Vintage Sprintcars.