highway_patrolSenior Constable, Paul Malouf and Unit Commander, Jason Hullick, of the Bass Coast Highway Patrol, will be out in force across the Easter Long Weekend, as part of ‘Operation Crossroads’.

THE Bass Coast Highway Patrol will be busy on the roads this Easter Long Weekend, making its presence felt as part of ‘Operation Crossroads’.
The operation will run for the entire long weekend and aims to increase driver awareness and journey planning while reducing road crashes and associated trauma.
Police from across the state will be out in force and will be maintaining a highly visible presence on major highways and arterial roads during the operation period.
Unfortunately, road users during the Easter Long Weekend holiday period are traditionally at a high risk for crashes due to the increased volume of traffic on our roads and distances travelled.
Unit Commander of the Bass Coast Highway Patrol, Jason Hullick, said the operation will be focusing on five fatal factors – drink/drug driving, speed, distraction, fatigue and seatbelt offences.
“With a significant increase in traffic expected to travel to our area, police members from the Bass Coast Highway Patrol will be supported by local police and we will also have the State Highway Patrol allocating resources to the area,” he said.
“We will be basing Highway Patrol resources in the Foster, Leongatha, Wonthaggi and Phillip Island areas and from those townships police units will be providing coverage of our entire road network.
“If you are doing the wrong thing on the roads this Easter, then the chances of you being caught are very high.”
Sgt Hullick said that although the Bass Coast Police Service Area has seen a pleasing reduction in road trauma, it doesn’t mean that police can sit back and relax.
“When we achieve these results it simply provides us with further impetus to take the next step and reduce that level even further,” he said.
“We have analysed collision data over the past five years so as to provide us with a general representation of where we need to focus our resources and what it is that we need to enforce.
“By using this intelligence we believe it will give us the very best opportunity to make the roads safer to travel and keep those motorists that choose to drive dangerously accountable for their actions.”
The Bass Coast Highway Patrol will set up numerous breath and drug testing sites throughout the weekend. These could be anywhere and at any time.
The patrol will also be deploying Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology in the area over the weekend where alcohol and drug screening will also take place.
Sgt Hullick stressed the importance of planning travel over this period to ensure you arrive at your destination and return home safely.
“Remember, you are sharing the road with other families and their loved ones and every motorist has a responsibility to drive safely and obey the road rules,” he said.
“The facts are that for every collision that occurs there is almost always someone at fault, as in, someone has disobeyed a road rule or simply driven dangerously and in most cases the collision could easily have been avoided.
“Enjoy your weekend, take extra care on the road and get home safely.”