envelope-budgetThe average ratepayer in the Bass Coast Shire pays around $1200 in rates annually. The average farmer pays about $2800.
Genuine farmers, on properties large enough to support a family, pay on average around $10,000.
Now for the first time since the Bass Coast Shire was formed by amalgamation in 1994, a differential farm rate is being proposed in which farms would receive either a 10 per cent reduction or a 20 per cent reduction.
This would mean that instead of paying 10 times as much as everyone else, genuine farmers would only pay eight or nine times as much.
Obviously some ratepayers are more equal than others?
Anyone concerned at this glaring inequity should make a submission to the Rate Strategy and Financial Plan at http://www.basscoast.vic.gov.au/Council/Consultation/Rate_strategy_and_financial_plan
Roger Epworth, Grantville.