editors letterI’d like to congratulate the Bass Coast Shire Council for standing firm on its admirable proposals to improve the life of Sunset Strip ratepayers, pensioners included, with carefully thought out plans for road and drainage upgrades.

Have you, or many of your readers, visited the area?
It’s definitely in need of tender loving care.
The constant whingeing in your letters page from many ratepayers in that area who won’t donate about $20,000 to a council scheme are starting to wear thin when you consider the great care the BCSC exerts in looking after the interests of all residents.
For heaven’s sake, its own polling says they do a good job; and look at the success of their action over shared-beach rules for dogs, their owners and other beach users – splendid.
Why shouldn’t the people in Sunset Strip pay for their public road?
After all they drive on other roads, don’t they?
The local McHaffie Ward councillor and Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, must be applauded for paying scant attention to the wishes of ratepayers in Sunset Strip who simply just want a basic road surface and a bit better drainage.
I admire the way she joins committees and hands out medals and certificates to the deserving residents in Bass Coast – inspirational indeed.
Hear, hear Kimberley!
Though, I often wonder what positive, practical outcomes have come from the committees she’s on.
I liked the way, as reported in your paper last week, that little jokester, Cr Phil Wright, put those antagonistic Sunset Strippers in their place (over the road from his place).
It was championship material; perhaps deserving of a certificate from the Mayor.
Ratepayers have to learn their representatives are there because they know all.
It’s an era of the ‘user pays’ and if the user is feeling rather used than they should get used to it.
That said, it’s important ratepayers listen and heed the sage advice and recommendations of its elected representatives and their bureaucracy.
Even if the current lot of representatives may have to go after next year’s council election, much like what happened with those who had to leave after the last election.
What a revolving door!
I admire the chief of the local BCSC bureaucracy, CEO Paul Buckley, for being a thoughtful man and looking after his mates.
Looking after your mates is part of the great Australian ethos and Mr Buckley exemplified this by reportedly appointing two mates from his last posting in Latrobe Valley to the council he now heads. Hear, hear for Mr Buckley.
What is the world coming to when ordinary people, living in ordinary houses, going about their ordinary business start thinking they are above their rulers, above the ordinary, above their station in life?
Anarchy, that’s what.
BCSC must be lauded for trying to keep the opinions of these people to themselves.
If this outrageous dissent is allowed to carry on, people in other parts of the shire will also start talking out, protesting, demanding rights, demanding to be heard and so upset the apple cart; I am sure Cr Bradley Drew knows exactly what I mean.
These people, all of them, need to know what’s good for them and the people to do it are the councillors and their officials – they know best.
So, please be kind to your council, listen to their pontificating, pay heed to their special interests, gratefully accept any medals or certificates, kowtow to the mates within – you know I’m wright, (sorry right) and all will be well.
Paul Doherty, Sunset Strip.