HPVWonthaggi Secondary College rider Louise Parkes cycles furiously at the six-hour mark of the grand prix on Saturday.

THERE’S nothing quite like HPV fever when it hits Wonthaggi.
Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve was once again transformed into a giant camping ground and racing track when the ultimate endurance test that is the 2015 Wonthaggi Human Powered Vehicle Grand Prix took place over the weekend.
More than 90 teams from all around the country competed until noon on Sunday on the 1.3km circuit, attracting a large amount of spectators.
The event was the second stop in the Victorian HPV Series, with the next scheduled to take place in Bendigo on August 22.
A full list of team rankings has yet to be released following last weekend, but many in attendance commented on competition being as fierce as ever.
Wonthaggi Secondary College made a substantial change to its super swift vehicle build this year, fully enclosing the bike’s wheels for the first time.
Team manager Alistair Lowe said the enhancement, which also included a reduction in wheel size from 20 inches to 16, made the vehicle more aerodynamic.
To test their 2015 build, the team conducted a stringent scientific experiment – they rolled it down a hill in Archies Creek next to last year’s build.
The new vehicle – which took around 80 hours to build – was just a tad faster.
Detailed results of the race will be printed next week.