envelope-budgetSo what, exactly, is going on? Which is obviously a question which we can’t answer, given that there have been three sightings in and around Inverloch over the past nine months of bright, silent amber lights cruising about the night sky, often apparently under some form of independent power and in situations where any engine involved would surely be audible. And no one has the first idea what they are.
And, interestingly, on the two occasions that I have seen them they looked identical to the pair of lights I saw on a night 15 years ago in Wonthaggi. They also conform to sightings of the same sorts of objects in many locations around the world over the past two decades, with South Gippsland well represented from a global perspective.
And let me hasten to say that none of the witnesses in South Gippsland, or at least none of which I am aware, are making any claims that these are alien creatures from a far off galaxy, or even more mundane ones from our own arm of the Milky Way.
So ideas which I have heard that perhaps suggest that I myself am losing credibility by simply reporting exactly what I have seen are actually quite misplaced.
But let’s put it on the record right here and now. I have never, to my knowledge, seen an alien (although, dare I say it, some of our recent crop of politicians do make me sometimes wonder).
But what I and many others have seen is strong, steady, non-flickering amber globes of light in places where there is no logical explanation for their presence and movement.
So let us now leapfrog back one incident to the most impressive of my own sightings which was the four lights which were seen just a bit just before and just after midnight on New Year’s Eve this year.
I can now report several separate witnesses to this event, and can also reliably confirm that despite the timing, all of these witnesses were completely sober and in no doubt as to what occurred.
Two of the sightings were from angles similar to my own, but from further away.
One, however, was from reliable witnesses in Ullathorne’s Road, on the west side of town.
So by triangulating the height and movement of these objects from this perspective with my own slightly higher perspectives from Darling Avenue, we now have a reasonably accurate idea of the objects’ size and have been able to draw up an approximate plotline of their path across town.
So what we have is four globes of strong amber light, at least the size of beach balls and perhaps a little larger, moving in single file, perhaps about 50 metres apart, from a point low above Andersons Inlet or from the shoreline somewhere around the Yacht Club, and then travelling at a steadily increasing height to somewhere around the outlet of Ayr Creek, and perhaps only a few hundred feet in altitude at their maximum. And then after a bit of stooging around they turned and headed south over Bass Strait, with no wind assistance.
If anything they were travelling contrary to any breeze at the time.
Now, the person who can go a long way to helping us all out here is anyone who was on the shoreline of Anderson Inlet at midnight on New Year’s Eve. We’d love to hear from you, especially if you happened to be even half sober at the time. So, anyone, anyone at all. Don’t be shy, we will not hurt you.
But please just contact this paper, because I personally think you must be out there. And your town needs you.
Roger Thorrowgood, Inverloch.