prom_lodgeThe Prom Wilderness Lodge will include 40 luxury accommodation units.

WILSONS Prom is one of Australia’s truly iconic places, boasting some of the most pristine and breathtaking wilderness.
From temperate rainforests and hidden beaches, to spectacular granite mountaintops and lush gullies, the Prom is teaming with exotic wildlife and offers endless experiences for those who love the great outdoors.
Despite the fact the Prom attracts over 400,000 visitors per year, accommodation has been limited to camping, caravans and huts, belying its status as the most popular National Park in Victoria.
The development of the Prom Wilderness Lodge is set to change this. Located at the entrance to the Prom, the Lodge will be the first ‘comfort in nature’ accommodation of its kind servicing the area.
A four-star sustainable eco-resort, the Prom Wilderness Lodge will initially feature 40 luxury accommodation units, a fine restaurant and an impressive central lodge, offering a unique Prom experience for a range of travellers, from outdoor adventurers and nature tourists, to ecotravellers, families and city professionals.
The flexible design also means the Lodge can be expanded in years to come.
Eco-architects, EME Designs, have designed the Prom Wilderness Lodge to optimise sustainability, comfort and scenery, creating a tranquil retreat nestled amongst 250 acres of indigenous forest and coastal wetlands, all in just two and a half hours drive from Melbourne.
“This exciting proposal will begin to address the real demand for quality overnight access to Victoria’s National Parks,” said Steve Hibbard, Chair of Destination Gippsland, the Regional Tourism Board.
“The Prom is arguably the most iconic of Victoria’s National Parks and a facility of this scale and quality will compliment both the Park on its doorstep and the many other highlights that the wider Gippsland region has to offer.”
Owner Tom Tootell, whose vision and dedication has guided the project says, the Prom Wilderness Lodge will create greater accessibility to this incredibly special area.
“This means more people will be able to experience all that the Prom has to offer but in a way that is both environmentally sensitive and luxurious.
“Whether you seek some quiet time enjoying the best nature has to offer, or are after more high energy activities such as hiking, surfing or kayaking, the Prom Wilderness Lodge will become a haven for generations of tourists wanting to explore this unique part of the world.”
Potential investors and hospitality operators can capitalise on this rare and significant development.
With all the hard work done in the form of planning and design, and no competition due to the unavailability of other land for hospitality-tourism in this iconic area, the fundamentals are in place to sustain a successful and lucrative business venture.
This opportunity also coincides with the rapid growth of the wilderness tourism sector (in-bound and domestic) and with the Victorian government also strengthening its commitment to regional tourism development.
A lower Australian dollar is keeping more local travellers at home and making Australia a more affordable destination for international visitors.
Expressions of interest close at 4pm on Wednesday, March 25.
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