pen-and-padTONY Abbott made himself a beacon of stupidity when he brought back knighthoods and then confirmed how out of touch he was with the community by awarding Prince Phillip one of these joke Noddy badges.
But the sad truth is that he’s not on his own.
There are far too many of these disconnected types in state and federal politics, people who have distinguished themselves by being able to crawl to the top of their union or party society ranks before being anointed for office by a handful of faceless people.
There has got to be something seriously wrong with a political system which keeps throwing up these obscure, out-of-touch weirdos as our representatives.
And you might say, we voted for them.
But quite often we don’t have a choice, they’re all idiots.
In the case of the approaching by-election in Gippsland South, there are thankfully a few candidates among the eight to nominate who have their backgrounds firmly rooted in community service and their local areas.
Let’s hope they don’t forget where they came from and who they are representing.
That’s not to say we don’t need a few smart lawyers from Melbourne, some top accountants and economists and people with the capacity and vision to take our state and nation forward.
But the attitude of our politicians in general is all wrong at the moment.
Everything is about self-interest.
Even the way they run each other down in the parliament and fail to support the good ideas of their opposition.
All they succeed in doing is bringing the tone of everyone down to the lowest level.
The main game, gentlemen and ladies of the parliament, is the advancement of this ‘lucky’ and once great country which you certainly don’t get the feeling is top priority at the moment.
In case you didn’t notice, Messrs Abbott and Andrews, we have some very serious issues in this country at the moment starting with the quality of our education system, our access to it limited by the rising cost and the dumbing down of our research capacity and even our ability as a nation to have a reasonable conversation about aging, the health system, disability support, debt levels, energy generation and the decimation of our manufacturing sector, soon to be capped off by the departure of the motoring industry.
For goodness sake, our politicians should set aside their own personal ambition for a while and be prepared to work together to put this state and Australia back on track.
And if there’s one thing we’d like to see from our next MP for Gippsland South, apart from being a good local member, is that he or she advocate for a parliament that serves the interests of the people and not themselves.