editors letterWe have just purchased six solar panels and we were assured that this would cover all our electricity needs.

Indeed it does!
Our panels produce 266.15kWh per month and we use 134kWh per month, but it is taken away from us and fed into the grid.
We are paid only 0.065c per kWh which gives us only $21 per month credit.
No doubt this excess is sold to other consumers for between 0.35c per kWh and 0.14c per kWh, which is what we are charged for our electricity use.
We are paying off the panels with a hire purchase agreement which we understood would be almost covered by the power our panels produce and in fact could be.
We are pensioners and this is a financial and environmental nightmare.
I have advised Greg Hunt and hope something can be done to guide all the misguided environmental energy producers.
If anyone has a solution to our problem please get in touch.
Is there an ombudsman?
We are so disappointed!
Dr Eric (Tim) Ealey, Coronet Bay.