tightlines_0915by King George
These two youngsters look happy with their pinkies with Dad looking on.

THE recent easterly swell is believed to be the remnants of the big cyclone up north and seems to have had a negative effect on fishing where the results were a bit down in comparison with the previous few weeks.
Hopefully this will improve as things settle down.
For those interested in chasing marlin, there have been good reports around 14kg out from Lakes Entrance where the big fish have been making the effort well worthwhile.
Inverloch: From boaters and land-based anglers spoken to by King George generally speaking the results have been disappointing. There have however been reasonable bags of fish taken which include whiting that have been caught on Bass yabbies, pippies, and sand worms. Areas such as the snags have produced quality whiting and to a lesser extent perch but it would be fair to say that there has been plenty of water mixed in with them. The best time has been when the flow has not been too fast. Near the entrance up as far as Pensioners Corner land-based anglers have been doing reasonably well with good size mullet, silvers, flathead and the occasional size gummy shark making up the majority of bags. The jetties have been popular where land-based anglers are trying their luck with crabs being the main catch. Further up towards Stevies Gutter boaters have been catching plenty of undersize flathead and whiting that are not much more that 33cm but over the 27cm limit along with silvers and mullet. Maher’s Landing has had plenty of boaters and land-based anglers wetting a line where silvers, mullet, flathead, pinkies and for those who know where to look, perch. Col Jackobson and a mate decided to try their luck further up near then double islands on the run off tide and managed some reasonable size coutta and flathead as well as a big flathead. Col said that they didn’t realize how shallow the water could be as then tide ran off and were nearly stuck in the mud, concentrating only on catching fish. They were fortunate however to realize their plight and made good their escape and Col said that they wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Over the weekend there were quite a few anglers trying their luck from shore on both sides of the boat ramp but there were no positive reports at the time of being visited by King George.
Venus Bay: The big east swell didn’t seem to have much effect on any of the five beaches as far as the salmon were concerned. There have been good reports of fish, mainly salmon being caught mainly on the run in tide where they have been to the 1.5kg mark.
Shallow Inlet: Reports from Yanakie caravan park say that there are still good numbers of pinkies, flathead and pinkies being caught on a variety of baits. The whiting are up to the 40cm mark and taking mainly Bass yabbies, pippies and squid at low water on both sides of the tides.
Port Welshpool: Thee have been reports of good numbers of king fish being caught wide outside the entrance around Cliffy Island. Snapper, flathead and gummies have also been bagged when conditions have allowed. Inside the entrance around the Lewis Channel whiting still are in good numbers where that are to the 37cm mark and taking baits such as Bass yabbies, sand worms and small strips of squid. Quality size and good numbers of snapper, gummies and flathead are also being bagged in the Franklin Channel. The local jetties have been popular with land-based anglers doing well mainly on the run in tide at the eastern end of the structure. Silvers, mullet, flathead, silvers and squid have been making up most bags.
Yanakie: On the other side of the inlet at Yanakie there are whiting, flathead, silvers and gummies being caught in the Doughboy and Duck Point Channel with best results being on the run off tide. The water in this area is fairly shallow but the fishing is generally good with whiting being the main catch. For those not familiar with the area, there is a very good boat ramp but useable only half of the time as at low water the tide recedes and there is only mud.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 56 723 474.
Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

ANOTHER month gone for the year and the start of autumn already and despite the few warm days we have had, we really haven’t had a summer.
The winds haven’t settled into our late summer autumn pattern and talking to some of my older customers that have been in the area for some time, they can’t remember a year like it with so many south-east winds. They also can’t remember fishing being so inconsistent for this time of the year and the weather and the fishing are mirroring each other. When the fishing is inconsistent like this I still get reports from customers and find that the main thing that makes them successful is simply time spent fishing is and not necessarily experience of the area. It was the case this week with probably more missing on taking a feed home than those who did but very hard to pick any sort of pattern.
This time of the year also means it’s our annual sale time again. This Sunday the 8th is our annual stock clearance sale and like previous years there will be plenty of bargains for everybody. While there will be a blanket discount on all our rods and reels covering the top of the range gear we concentrate our biggest discounts for the fisherman that wants to upgrade but not necessarily to the top of the range. There will be an advert in the paper with some of the specials available but check out our Facebook page for many more of the items available. The sale starts at 6am and some stock is limited so will be first come basis.
On the same day as our sale, the Kilcunda Bass Football Club’s Fishing Festival is on in the car park opposite the shop. There will be all types of fishing related demonstrations, fish tastings, games and rides for the kids, live music and market stalls. The guys from OZ FISH TV and That’s Fishing will be there sharing their fishing tips. Weather permitting it’s always a good day for the whole family and while mum and the kids are looking around the festival dad can sneak over to the shop and pick up a bargain or two.
A question I get asked often is “where have all the fish gone” the answer is very simple ‘nowhere’, they just weren’t where you were and I know that just sounds way too simple but it is often the truth. Comparing years, seasons etc is a good guide but I wouldn’t take it as gospel and I think anybody that has worked behind the counter of a tackle shop would agree as much science as you want to put into it, luck plays the biggest part and while you might miss out for the day, three others didn’t.
Quality bait, sharp hooks obviously plays a huge part and will increase your chances. We proved this during the week with a couple of visitors from NSW. One had read all the books and watched all the shows before coming down the other asked us what to do and while I am far from any type of an expert I explained the importance of good bait, sharp hooks and the right sinkers.
It took two days before his mate came into purchase some more suitable tackle. By the end of their week here they took a very respectable amount of fillets home with them in the caravan freezer. They were here to target mainly whiting and fished most of the usual areas and changed according to the wind and tide so as they could get the boat to sit right.
The most productive areas were below the bridge in Cleeland Bight in the mornings and back up towards Reef Island in the later afternoon. They picked up a few in boys home channel and around the top light in the main channel. Other reports were much the same and we weighed a few whiting over the 500 gram mark on Saturday. There were no fish bins overflowing with whiting this week but the quality was a bit better and we didn’t here of as many small just size ones. I didn’t see them but did hear of a few good catches from tortoise head and the Rhyll bank.
A few elephant fish have started showing up and their numbers will increase over the next few weeks. If you want to chase these fish head towards the corals and around Leola shoal use the same rig you would for pinkies and squid and pilchards will work for bait. While there is no min size on these fish there is a bag limit of one per person and be careful of the spike.
Pinkies are continuing to be elusive and very few reports have come in this season. I did get a couple of good reports after I had submitted my report to the paper last week from a two customers that fished the corals, one on the Rhyll side the other on the northern side and both had bagged out on pinkies between 38cm and 42cm. the fish were bright and shiny and looked like they had just arrived from offshore. They also said the fish were very aggressive on the bite and had nothing in them when they were cleaned.
The other reports from in the bay consisted of plenty of mackerel and yakkas, schools of salmon, some good pike. Size flathead from the corals in between the 100’s of undersized ones and no shortage of small gummies. I had another couple of reports from customers getting bitten off something big even a couple of steel traces bitten through so I would suggest there is a decent size Bronzy swimming around in the bay at the moment.
I keep getting asked why there aren’t many land based reports each week and my report is mostly concentrated on the boats. The answer is simple, I get boating reports, the land based guys either don’t catch fish or are not letting me in on their secret catches. we do hear of a few catches but generally I find the guys that fish off the land keep things to themselves and those who do tell me ask me not to put it in my reports. Land based is not a lot different than the boats in that time fishing will eventually be productive. There have been a few Calamaris from San Remo but they are spasmodic like the weather. When they are on though you will often pick up more than one without too much trouble evening was the best during the week. The main fish reported from the Newhaven jetty this week has been yakkas and Slimmeys with a couple of small salmon.