tight_1115There weren’t a lot of fish on the bite at Inverloch on the weekend but it didn’t stop anglers from wetting a line in the hopes that they might hook into a passing shoal.

THROUGH the week there have been numerous reports of King Fish virtually right around the South Gippsland coastline.
While their numbers are great they seem to be fairly hook shy.
A regular visiting angler who spends plenty of time at places such as Walkerville and Cape Paterson confirms this says that around Arch Rock the schools of king fish have been seen chasing whiting. One boater had a surprise encounter when a big school flashed past his boat and was being perused by a large numbers of big king fish.
Many anglers have been wondering why there aren’t more whiting being caught and there is a school of thought that point to the big kingies being the reason.
No doubt there are other reasons but the king fish excuse will do for the time being.
Just before this report, according to boaters, king fish were following up hooked snapper and biting at their tails but refused to take baits that were dangled in front of them.
There are other reports that the “kingies” are also feasting on large crabs.

Inverloch: Tony Foster and a couple of mates decided to try their luck near the entrance at low water on the run in tide.
They weren’t fussy what they might catch but were surprised when they saw the water boil and decided to have a look.
They baited up and could see what appeared to be mullet and soon had a good bag with fish to the 34cm mark and took just about anything that was thrown into the water.
The action kept up for quite a while and they decided that they had enough fish to call it a successful trip.
Boaters have also been doing fairly well near the entrance where reasonable size flathead are being caught along with whiting and silvers with best results being at low water.
There has been plenty of visitors trying their luck off the jetty but have to be content with a few crabs and the occasional mullet but there is plenty of water mixed in with them.
There can be a fair walk at the end of Lees Road to the area known as the snags but all the foot slogging is forgotten as Oliver Hardy found out when he dropped a line with a Bass yabby, sand worm cocktail in among the snags.
He was with a mate and they didn’t have to wait long before there was an enquiry and after a good fight laded a 500 gm perch.
There was yet another five similar size fish that were also bagged along with a good size flathead and they decided to call it a day as they had enough fish and the walk back was nowhere as near as long as the original trek.
There was a bit of excitement when one of the happy anglers almost stood on a fairly large snake that was soaking up the sun but apart from a fright there was no damage done. The snake didn’t have to move.

Tarwin River: At times there can be a fair wait between enquiries as we all know but there have been times when the action is worth the wait.
Take a visiting angler who decided to try his luck off one of the fishing platforms that have been constructed for fishing.
Not much happened for a while but suddenly something struck a lure intended for a perch or something similar.
The angler had no idea what was on the end of the line but knew it was big.
After a long fight he landed a very impressive mulloway that stretched the tape out to the 85cm mark.
After the necessary photos for bragging purposes the big fellow was returned to the water to swim and fight another day.

Port Welshpool: Through the week there has been a persistent wind that has had a negative effect on the fishing results.
The Lewis Channel has been reasonable when conditions have allowed with whiting to the 36cm mark taking baits such as Bass yabbies, pipis, squid and small pieces of pilchards.
A visitor from Melbourne contacted King George enquiring as to how to keep Bass yabbies alive in water as he can’t keep them long before they die as the water goes a red colour.
This is because they stress and run out of oxygen and this not long before they are no longer useful as bait.
They are amphibious which means that they can also live out of water.
King George has found that they keep in wood shavings in cool conditions and out of sunlight.
The Franklin Channel has been very productive as far as snapper, gummy sharks and flathead are concerned.
The reds have been to the 7kg mark ad other hot spots such as Singapore Deep have also been worth a visit with best results being on the run out tide.
Outside the entrance there have been reports of king fish being sighted but they are also very hook shy.

Port Albert: When conditions have allowed there has been good numbers of flathead, silvers, mullet and the occasional whiting making an appearance with best results being on the run in tide.
Baits such as Bass yabbies, pilchards, squid and small strips of pilchards have been effective.

Lakes Entrance: Plenty of sand and King George whiting are being caught around the Kalimna Jetty. Trevally and mullet can be had off the Post Office Jetty, using peeled prawn. Salmon and gummies are taking squid, pilchard and blue bait off the surf.

Lake Tyers: Large flathead are biting around Mill Point on soft plastics and prawn.
Bream and a few tailor are active under the power lines. Try pilchard and local prawn.

Mitchell River: Fishing has been slow, but Grassy Banks is producing bream on prawn and crab. Some flathead have been landed at the mouth on soft plastics.

Tambo River: From the mouth to Three Gums has been the best spot for bream using prawn and shrimp.

Nicholson: Bream are cruising between Little Cliffs and the second fence. Sandworm and prawn are picking up fish.

Metung: The Boardwalk and Shaving Point are good for King George whiting and flathead, on local prawn, sandworm and soft plastics.
Paynesville: The King Street Jetties have luderick being taken on weed.
Bream and leatherjackets are available in Newlands Arm on sandworm and prawn.

Hollands Landing: Good size bream have been landed around Medusa Point, on whitebait and peeled prawn.

Marlo: Water has cleared in the Snowy, but only around the first two platforms from the estuary. The Brodribb River is fishing well, with bream, mullet and estuary perch being taken on live prawn, sandworm and hard bodied lures. Luderick are around the Rock Groynes, and flathead are being caught at the sand flats.

Bemm River: The Channel has trevally and few flathead biting on soft plastics and prawn. Plenty of bream are in the lake, with local prawn taking fish.

Tamboon: The Peach Tree Creek area has bream, mullet and tailor. Prawn and sandworm are best bait.

Mallacoota: Luderick are being caught off the Main Wharf on weed.
Flathead, bream, trevally and whiting are prevalent in the Bottom Lake. Prawn, yabbies and diving lures are producing fish. Offshore there have been Marlin, gummies and flathead have been landed.

Omeo High Country: Dry conditions have made fishing patchy, but perseverance will produce Trout in the Mitta Mitta at dusk.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on sanfu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474.
Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

With Easter just around the corner for many the season is quickly drawing to a close for another year and they will be packing up the boats and spend the weekends on the couch watching football.
For those who know better it can be the start of some of the better fishing for the year.
The ramps are nowhere near as busy and the weather although cold can be quite calm.
Many landbased fishermen also pack up their gear while others just get started on their surf fishing season.
Season is a term that has had less and less meaning over the time that we have been in the shop as things have changed dramatically in that time.
Some fish the term season still applies especially the colder water draughtboard sharks and the numbers of bigger snapper but gradually over the last few years I have been getting reports of most fish all year round.
Last winter there were more people fishing during the winter for snapper and we saw or weighed several every week.
Several took advantage of some of those very calm winter days we get and headed offshore and managed a feed of flathead without too much trouble.
This year there have been plenty and we have seen some of the biggest whiting in nine years coming from those trying something different and fishing in 12m and deeper for them.
Calamari don’t have a season anymore and again this could be more to do with people fishing all year round.
They do have some quieter times which all fish do but I think this has more to do with the weather than any type of migration pattern.
There has been an abundance of kingfish this year but again I can’t remember a season where so many people have been fishing for them.
Kingfish are not known as a big minority species and from tagging recapture information they are often recaptured where they were tagged years later.
They are also a fish that is found in cooler waters so it might be worth a trawl on a calm winter’s day. Makos prefer a water temperature around 16 degrees and bronze whalers are around all year so why not do a shark drift through the winter, put a smaller hook rig down deeper as there are often some quality gummies and school sharks around offshore in the cooler months.
Customers often tell me you can’t catch tuna or albacore out here and while I agree 5km offshore it isn’t likely 60km offshore I think would be a different story just no one heads out there.
I have had plenty of stories from visiting yachts mostly that have travelled up from Tasmania seeing schools of Tuna in that 50 to 70km range.
I saw pictures of some albacore that were caught three years ago approximately 15km past Cody Banks and have had a couple of 15kg Bluefin given to me from one of the commercial fishermen that was netting 62km from the entrance.
The only rule I think applies to fishing is have no expectations and prepare for everything.
As you could probably guess from the above it has been a slow report week due, and I know it sounds like a broken record but the weather hasn’t been kind again.
There were some windows of opportunity and that’s where most of the reports come from this week. The later part of the week produced some very good quality catches of whiting both in size and in number with a couple of customers actually bagging out.
The other pleasing think about the reports was they came from two different areas, Dickies Bay and Cleeland Bight and only minimal moves were needed to get their fish.
I had several other reports from the same few days of the same quality whiting but not quite the same numbers of fish.
A report I had from a few of those who caught whiting during the week was they seemed to change their taste during the session with pipis, squid and pilchard needed to get a decent number of fish. Dickies Bay towards Maggie Shoal and Cleeland Bight near the sand hill the best but other reports came from Corinella, Tortoise Head and Reef Island.
Pinkie reports were few and far between this week again and it just appears that we have simply missed out this year on the schools coming into the bay for some reason.
The Corals were for most of the week off limits with the wind opposing the tide like clockwork making it very difficult to fish that area.
As always there was a couple of small opportunities for those able to take advantage and not big numbers but a handful around 45cm were caught.
The only other report of pinkies I had come from around Reef Island but they were the opposite end of the scale barley reaching 20cm in length.
Calamari reports from the boats were quite good with drifting and using a combination of baited and artificial jigs the best methods.
Cleeland Bight by far the best of the boating areas and around the sand hill to the red light.
Drifting has been difficult with the ever changing winds but perseverance has paid off and we saw several calamari around the 1.5kg.
No real preference in colour only light or bright being a bit better. There were a few caught in Dickies Bay and at Ventnor as well. From the landbased anglers San Remo jetty was a struggle but they still managed a few during the week just nothing all that big.