flooded_roadA hapless motorist had to leave his or her car in the middle of floodwaters on Jumbunna Road, Korumburra last Friday morning, at a location notorious for flooding outside the Korumburra Secondary College.

ONE day, when there’s a heavy downpour in Korumburra, someone is going to come to grief on Jumbunna Road, just outside the Korumburra Secondary College.
For years there appears to have been a problem with a culvert and also with drainage off the road in that area and last Friday morning, a motorist got stuck in the floodwaters as they lapped past the halfway point on the road.
And it was quite deep in parts.
OK, you might say, motorists have been warned not to enter floodwaters on the road.
But the reality is in country areas, that there are times when you do have to tip-toe your way through water on the road to get to where you are going in the absence of works crews.
But, in this location, it would be a lot more serious at night if an unsuspecting motorist happened upon this section of road, notorious for flooding in even modest downpours, when water was lying across the road as it was last week.
It’s time for Vicroads and the other authorities to put their heads together and fix it.