editors letterIf you pay peanuts you get monkeys, as Alan Brown should know by now.

Bass Coast Shire is, and should be, setting salary packages for senior staff that attract high calibre applicants.
For the same reason politicians are offered generous salary and superannuation deals, from which Mr Brown himself has directly benefited. It therefore seems hypocritical for him to accept the public’s largesse in his retirement, while denying the same encouragement to those who are working for our future.
Several other clangers stand out in Mr Brown’s exhortations to return to the politics of the 1960s.
Bullying council into disregarding established town boundaries to replace quality agricultural land with retirement accommodation does not necessarily guarantee local jobs.
The experience of the desal project was that many of the jobs went to outsiders, who pushed up rental prices and in turn pushed out low income local tenants.
Their legacy has included CFMEU union militancy and a threatening ice epidemic.
No mention is made of dwindling State and Federal grant funding putting pressure on local government finances and forcing councils to raise rates.
No solution is offered by Mr Brown on the vexed issue of dogs on beaches, where council is caught between a rock and a hard place and can never satisfy everyone no matter what regulations are set.
If Neanderthal Economics is the best that Mr Brown and his reform team can offer, they have little hope of increasing their representation above the current two.
Roger Epworth, Grantville.