amilaTown’s Amila Ratnaike was the standout performer in A Grade Division 1 this season, winning his second A1 Cricketer of the Year award.

LEONGATHA Town all-rounder, Amila Ratnaike, was the runaway winner of the top award at the Leongatha and District Cricket Association’s presentation night last Wednesday night.
Ratnaike won his second A Grade Division 1 award in convincing style with 1166 points (796 runs, 28 wickets, 8 catches), from OMK’s Jason Wilson in second place on 790 (535 runs, 20 wickets, four catches) and Ryan Thomas of Wonthaggi Workmens 788 third (446 runs, 24 wickets, 8 catches).
He also took out the A1 Batting Average award with 796 runs at 88.4 including a high score of 139 not out in 14 innings which included five ‘not out’ totals.
Again it was Jason Wilson in second place with an average of 59.44 (14 innings, 5 not out, high score 100, 535 runs) and Gavin Britt third with an average of 56.67 (14 innings, 2 not outs, high score 112, 680 runs).
Ratnaike wasn’t far away in the bowling averages either but it was Nerrena’s Josh Trease who won the trophy with 30 wickets at an average of 13.83 (152 overs, 30/415, best of 5/50) from Kit Rotthier (Inverloch) second at an average of 14 (135 overs, 29/406, best of 5/24 and Barry Wyatt (OMK) third with a 14.57 average (136 overs, 28/408, best 6/22).

Koonwarra-RSL ‘best’ club
The winner of the coveted ‘Charltonian Award’ as the best organised, presented and controlled club in the association was Koonwarra-Leongatha RSL Cricket Club by a clear margin from Leongatha Town and Wonthaggi Miners in equal second.
The Charltonian Award takes into account both umpires’ assessments and administration response, covering such things as control of the team on the field, attitude to umpires prior, during and after the game, over rate, acceptance of umpires’ decisions and attitude of the captain to the opposing captain and team.
Clubs lose points for failing to attend meetings, entering late umpires reports, missing names in media reports and late payment of affiliations.
The Charltonian league table was as follows: Koony/RSL 72.29, Town 70.49, Miners 70.49, Foster 70.38, Glen Alvie 69.30, Poowong 68.40, Meeniyan 66.85, Nerrena 62.68, Korumburra 61.12, OMK 60.20, Imperials 59, Workmens 58.63, Inverloch 57.76, Kilcunda-Bass 57.72, Fish Creek-Tarwin 53.38 and Phillip Island 49.21.
Phillip Island actually scored well for its on-field performance, in fact the second highest at 34.41 as against Koony/RSL’s 35.59 but lost most of its administration points to finish with 14.8 out of 40.