envelope-budgetIf your great grand parents had been thrown off their land and starved to death or poisoned, would you want the perpetrator to be memorialized across the land that he had stolen?
I don’t want to list the deeds of Angus McMillan, the “protector of Aborigines”, they were too vile.
There are many places on the web that detail the damage he inflicted.
Suffice to say that there were estimated to be between 1800 and 3000 members of the Gunai Kurnai in 1842.
Fifteen years later there were 96 survivors, most of whom were forced eastward to Lake Tyers.
Accounts of massacres are available through the Maffra Historical Society and regional newspapers.
When the McMillan name was attached to this electorate in the 1940s Aboriginals were excluded from the electoral process.
In 2017 the panel that decides electoral boundaries and names will meet.
This is our chance to rename our electorate to better reflect the nature of our modern, more inclusive, society.
To have McMillan’s name removed, I urge people to send a letter or email to the returning officer at the Australian Electoral Commission, Smith Street, Warragul.
Requesting a name change for our electorate is another step towards reconciliation.
Geoff Ellis, Wattle Bank