envelope-budgetIn 2013, Bass Coast Shire Council spent thousands of dollars surveying approximately 1300 Inverloch residents and visitors.
The survey found 94.4 per cent of dog owners preferred to walk their dog on a beach.
Council decision – ban dogs owners from the beach during daylight hours for five months of the year.
In 2014, the council spent thousands of dollars in consultant fees to give Inverloch residents and visitors a voice on future dog restrictions.
The resulting community recommendation was to allow for one, maybe two, dog-free areas of beach at times and dates when Inverloch beaches are genuinely busy.
Council decision – permanently ban dog owners from a large section of beach for 365 days of the year, ban dogs from approximately half of all Inverloch beaches on selected days, and declare busy periods to include numerous days when beaches can be guaranteed to be virtually empty.
In 2015, the council published extensive plans to extend the current Inverloch beach-side pathway, giving ample opportunity for public comment.
Only 10 people had any objections from a population of 5000.
Council decision – delay building the path in order to spend money that had been allocated to its development on yet more consultants.
According to the latest news, the council is now spending thousands of dollars trying to find out what is wrong with its communications and engagement processes.
Anonymous officials are quoted as saying the problem is one of perception rather than substance.
Give me strength!
Keith Finney, Inverloch.