junk_truck_1715This run-down truck full of junk and rubbish was left on a vacant block of land in Kilcunda on Monday afternoon, much to the surprise of local residents. The junk-laden truck was dumped after it nearly fell off another truck whilst being transported.

KILCUNDA residents were shocked after a mystery run-down truck filled with metal junk was dumped on a vacant block of land on Monday afternoon last week.
The truck was being transported on a trailer by another truck, before it started to fall off the side of the trailer on the corner of Gruber Street and Peppermint Road.
Resident Chris Speakman witnessed the close shave from his house across the road.
“(The truck driver) realised and pulled up,” he said.
“They tried to hoist it off the truck but it didn’t work so a farmer came on his tractor and held it there while the guy’s driven forward with his tilt tray down and the truck just fell off the back.”
The truck is believed to be from one of the farms in the area and still remained on the vacant block on Friday.
Speakman said he would like the truck to be removed.
“It’s just an eyesore sitting out the front of my house and I want it gone,” he said.
“This is where all the kids congregate and now they can’t. It’s dangerous, you need a tetanus shot just looking at it!”