envelope-budgetIf Minister Macfarlane’s Energy White Paper hasn’t made it to the top of your “must read list” yet, my advice is ‘don’t bother’.
From Opposition, when asked about a proposed 600MW wind farm for King Island, he proclaimed that “wind turbines are the only technology which can be rolled out fast enough to meet commitments, bipartisan and internationally agreed, to reduce emissions.”
Quick word search of paper reveals just two instances of word “wind”. First says Australia is blessed with world’s best abundance of reliable wind and sunshine.
The second is an example of possible innovation in the transport sector. Linfox might do something to reduce wind resistance of their giant trucks, to reduce diesel consumption. How many poofteenths of a percentage point reduction can this possibly provide?
If that’s not enough, he shares psychedelic grade fantasies as a Federal Minister, previously an obsession just with State Government fundamentalist friends, that big investment is now high priority to develop brown coal export industry.
It’s big cost, small market opportunity, and low grade brown coal compared with biggest established competitor, Indonesia.
And they all lived happily ever after!
Bernie McComb, Cowes.