envelope-budgetWhilst publicity does help to promote awareness, it is important that the focus in this matter is not on personalities or emotions but on the true content of the debate.
The submission I lodged with Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC), on behalf of myself and like-minded people in Inverloch, covered some pertinent points in the strongest possible terms.
That has got the attention of the community which is a step forward in the quest for innovation and reform, but we must not ignore the broader picture and sad state of affairs we face as community.
I urge your paper to actively canvass the views of the largest sample possible of the communities in the Bass Coast Shire and publish a range of commentaries/ideas that will help the community as a whole, to extract the correct and most balanced outcome from BCSC.
Good balanced debate is essential and the role of the newspaper is not only important in reporting opinions but delivering researched critical analysis, similar to the Sentinel Times comment of Michael Giles.
At the end of the day we must rely on you to check the pulse of the people who live here and express the feelings of the majority.
Mohan de Run, Inverloch