envelope-budgetIt’s very easy to criticise local government and it seems that these days Bass Coast Shire Council is copping a fair whack.
But the council should be given credit when credit is due.
Last Friday a small group of cyclists rode through some of the magnificent Bass hills and then along our spectacular coast between Cape Paterson and Inverloch.
It was a fantastic ride as there was no wind and the day was very mild.
We started at Kongwak and pedalled to Wonthaggi via Grantville-Glen Alvie and Loch-Wonthaggi-Roads.
A large part of Grantville-Glen Alvie Road was reconstructed by the council a couple of years ago.
It used to be a very dangerous, narrow sealed road with sharp curves that was falling to pieces in many places.
One can imagine the nightmare it must have been to milk tanker and cattle truck drivers.
Since it has been widened and rebuilt it is one of the best roads in the district to ride and drive on whilst enjoying the magnificent rural scenery.
When we reached Loch-Wonthaggi Road we were delighted to discover that a long section has been widened and that extensive reseal works have recently been carried out.
The new surfaces are great to ride on and the hills seemed to be much easier to ascend, even if we were puffing a bit at the top of the big ones.
Another road that is a favourite of local and visiting cyclists that the council has done excellent reconstruction work on in the past two years is Lynnes Road, Wattle Bank.
No doubt there would be many other roads in Bass Coast that have been similarly improved by the shire that we are not aware of.
By comparison, Bunurong Road (Wonthaggi-Cape Paterson-Inverloch), which is the responsibility of VicRoads and therefore the State Government, presents significant hazards to bike riders, motor cyclists and drivers due to the presence of many potholes, areas of failed road surface and other hazards.
But hopefully VicRoads will be remedying this situation in the not too distant future as some of us cyclists have been busy lobbying them and our local politicians in order to get urgently needed upgrading implemented.
So we are very grateful that Bass Coast Shire Council has carried out these works and would like to compliment the council, its staff and contractors on jobs well done.
Rod McGregor, Cape Paterson.