envelope-budgetThis is to say thank you to Roslyn Jenzen and team for such a well organised and presented Sustainability Festival.
It’s also to say thank you to friends and colleagues sharing our exhibit, with objective of taking the mystery out of wind farm power.
Special mention goes to Senvion, who included provision of full size bus, for free round trip journey, to Wonthaggi Wind Farm, to inspect for themselves, at close range, that wind turbines are nothing to be frightened of, quite the opposite, clean, graceful, giant art in motion.
To borrow the words of Minister Macfarlane, when asked about the big 600MW wind farm proposed for King Island, “wind energy just happens to be the only technology which is shovel ready for projects today, which are needed to comply with international agreements, even with bipartisan agreement, for emissions reduction”.
Our other participants were Australian Wind Alliance, Asset Co, Mitsui, Venture Super and Yes2Renewables.
Another special mention goes to Warragul Mitsubishi who provided an electric vehicle, Outlander PHEV, to draw attention to the synergy between EV’s and wind power.
It’s beginning to hit mainstream headlines that future of electricity supply is in Regions, DG (Distributed Generation), based on renewable zero carbon solar and wind energy.
Of course, noisy, well paid lobbyists for coal, oil and gas energy insist that any such alternative energy will need total backup from themselves, for when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, hanging on by their fingernails against any change, away from La Trobe Valley power.
How much sense does it make to fight change; you might just as well fight death and taxes?
Needless to say, in other parts of the world, even as close as South Australia, big, old dirty backup is very rarely needed. Much better option is to catch up with progress on battery storage to make yourself less dependent on grid power. Most economically effective way of getting battery storage is with an EV, electric vehicle.
Long term records prove, beyond doubt, that magnitude of wind and solar energy, most abundant in the world, can be harnessed using areas of land which are much smaller than equivalent areas of coal power stations and mines.
Whole country conversion to 100 per cent zero carbon energy can be done for $7 to $10billion, per year, which is less than subsidies to mostly foreign coal, oil and gas companies.
Can we really let ourselves be led downwards and backwards even further?
If you’ve never written to your politicians before, surely it’s time to give it a try before the climate crisis gets nasty?
Bernie McComb, Cowes