tight_1615These four happy fishermen hauled in a 2.8 metre bronze whaler shark. It was caught off Port Welshpool recently.

By King George

A KORUMBURRA crew consisting of Ray Cruickshank and Graeme Stuart, Les White and Peter Jeffreys, Billy Thomas and Neil Grabham, Chris Muir and Trevor Humphreys has just returned home after their annual fishing trip to Mallacoota.
Graham says they had some fabulous days out on the water fishing the bottom lake along the banks heading towards and up to Fairhaven.
Frozen prawns were the preferred bait.
All boats experienced the best fishing they have ever had in their 13 consecutive years of visiting Mallacoota for their annual 10 day fishing trip they and can’t wait to get back there again next year.
They only kept what they needed and say that the fish all appeared to be in great condition.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly competition last Sunday where fish of the month was salmon. TS Constructions sponsored the event.
There were 23 members and visitors in attendance but the numbers were down and this was no doubt due to the fact that the conditions were very ordinary with many potential anglers deciding to stay at home due to the conditions.
Graham Gray won the senior male section with a 545gm bream for 1362 points but there was no junior male who weighed in a fish.
The senior female winner was Jan Beaumont with a 580gm bream for 1450 points and the junior female winner was Cheyenne Sharples with an 80cm salmon for 192 points.
Greg Beaumont won the veteran’s section with a 740gm bream for 1850 points.
President Peter Clark thanked those who attended and reminded everyone that next month will be the first of the twice-yearly trips to the Tambo River.
This has been a long on going event and over the years has been very well supported and he again asked for support.

Inverloch: Through the week the conditions were reasonable even though there were plenty of threatening patches, which didn’t amount to much.
However on Sunday the conditions turned cold and windy which did nothing for the boaters with many deciding to not take them out of the shed.
Before the break there were quite a few hopefuls out on the water where mullet were being caught from the entrance up as far as the double islands.
Salmon have been in better numbers.
Surf: There have not been any reports as far as the surf has been concerned. No doubt there have been successful anglers and King George would appreciate any news.

Shallow Inlet: Information from the caravan park is that there is no information, which is not surprising as Karen Starrett who runs the park with husband Andrew says the conditions have not been very good at all.
There was however one boater who found out that stingrays don’t bite.
The sting is in the tail however as he found out after he hauled one aboard and received a very nasty injury to the ankle and as a result was taken to hospital for treatment.
The hapless angler recovered fortunately but learnt a valuable lesson as far as stingrays are concerned.
King George suggests cutting them free even if they are small as it is better to lose a hook than ending up in hospital with accompanying severe pain and a ruined fishing trip.

Port Welshpool: Information from the boat storage is that over the weekend there have not been any reports, most likely due to the very ordinary conditions.
Through the week however there had been good numbers of snapper to the 6kg mark being bagged along with quality gummies with the Franklin Channel being most productive.
The run out tide seems to be the best time of tide to wet a line.
Even though there have not been many anglers chasing them, those who have made the effort, have been doing very well as far as whiting have been concerned.
They have been to 39cm with best results being on the run out in the Lewis Channel with silvers and salmon also making up impressive bags.

Lakes Entrance: Local town jetties are producing King George and silver whiting on local prawn.
Eastern Beach, Bunga Beach and the Main Beach have salmon and tailor.
Best of the presentations is blue bait.
There are plenty of fish offshore at 6 Mile Reef where snapper around 2kg and gummies are taking pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers: Good size bream and flathead are being landed around Blackfellows Arm, Long Point and Pile Bay Track.
Best bait is local prawn and soft plastics.
The surf beach has also been worth a try where there have been salmon and tailor being bagged in reasonable numbers.

Mitchell River: From the Highway Bridge and up to the Backwater for perch on prawn and worm.
Shadoof Lodge to the Bluff and Two Bells for bream on soft shell and spider crab.

Tambo River: From the power lines to the Rough Road there have been good numbers of bream and small flathead. The best of the baits have been worm and peeled prawn.

Nicholson: There have been bream being caught from the mouth up to the little cliffs.
Whole prawns have been doing the job around the jetties with good numbers of bream being caught further up the river.
Metung: Bream and whiting are being caught on local prawn at Shaving Point and up as far as the boardwalk.
Lake King jetty and up as far as Tambo Bay area have been worth a try.

Paynesville: Good numbers of bream are being caught in the straights as well as off the jetties on worms and pipis.
Raymond Island around Gravelly Point has been good for flathead that are taking soft plastics.

Hollands Landing: Bull Bay and towards the woodpile has been good for bream that are taking peeled prawn and crabs.

Marlo: Luderick, bream and mullet are in the lake and rivers where best baits seem to be prawns and worms.
There has been good numbers of salmon and tailor taking white and blue bait as well as silver lures.
Offshore there have been good numbers of coutta, pinkies and gummies being caught.
Bemm River: The entrance is now open and cleaning up.
There have been bream to the 2kg mark as well as flathead being caught on local prawn, spider crabs and soft plastics.
The surf has been giving up good numbers of salmon that are taking metal lures.

Tamboon Inlet: There are good numbers of perch and bream being caught from Pelican Point to Fisheries Wharf where the best baits have been fresh prawn and worms.
The beach has been good for salmon and tailor.

Mallacoota: Fisheries Wharf has been good for flathead and trevally that are taking blue bait.
Flathead are in The Narrows and being caught on live mullet, soft plastics and pilchards.
The Main Wharf has been good for yellow fin bream. Luderick are also about in fairly good numbers.

High Country: River levels have been rising and the trout are moving upstream getting ready to spawn. Deep holes at early morning and dusk are the best spots, using worm and gold or silver wobblers.

A tip from King George to beginners: Experienced boaters know that the trailer wheel bearings keep you going on the road and the boat motor does the job on the water.
Therefore it makes sense to ensure that are both be kept in good condition.
Time and money are well spent attending to these two important items because if either one breaks down at least there will be inconvenience and embarrassment or worse still safety or lives can be put at risk.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.