tightlines_1715THE fishing has been reasonable despite conditions that have been very ordinary but the wind was not as bad as predicted and there were some reasonable results.

Surf: The surf has been not too bad with salmon making up most bags where they have been to the 1kg mark and taking mainly whitebait and salted pipis.
Colin Henderson decided to try his luck off the rocks at Kilcunda but failed to land anything but a big toad fish that bit through his line just as it was being taken from the water.
He decided to move further down towards Williamsons Beach and was shortly into the salmon that took whitebait.
After about an hour he said he caught five very good size fish that made for a reasonable day.
He said there was another angler who bagged a very good size gummy who was also happy with his effort.

Inverloch: The weather has been threatening all week and the wind held off with overcast skies.
As a result there have been a few boaters and land-based anglers trying their luck.
Mullet, flathead, silvers and the occasional gummy shark are in reasonable numbers and are being taken on both sides of the low water tides.
The best of the baits have been pipis, silver fish and Bass yabbies.
Pilchards have been the best for gummies where the area around Mahers Landing seems to be the most productive area.
Further up towards the Double Islands has been good for coutta, flathead, mullet and perch.
There have been a few anglers trying their luck off the fishing jetties.
King George came across a crew who were from Melbourne and had a few mullet and silvers that were well over the size limit and were happy with their work.
They caught the fish on pipis and white bait on the last half of the run out tide.

Shallow Inlet: Through the week there has not been much activity according to Andrew Starrett who runs the local caravan park.
He says the conditions have been awful and hasn’t any reports.
He says the water temperature is heading down to the winter temperatures but that is not all bad.
He says this is when there is a change of the guard so to speak where whiting seem to go a bit on the slow side.
Enter the big silvers and salmon for which the area is renowned.
The torpedo fish are up to the 4kg, which is around 10 pound on the old scale and when hooked up they will often jump out of the water and the fight they put up will be a real test for angler and equipment.
Silvers put up a similar fight but rarely jump out of the water in their endeavour to escape.
Even though there are not any constructed boat ramps as such, boats can be launched from the sand but there are some soft dangerous patches and it is a good idea to seek local knowledge beforehand.

Port Welshpool: Information from the boat storage is that through the week there has not been much activity as conditions have been awful.
The water temperature is down to the winter levels.
Prior to the bad weather there had been quite good numbers of flathead, salmon, silvers and gummies being caught inside the entrance.
With any sort of luck things will pick up when conditions improve.
When this occurs the jetties will be worth a visit where the resident fish such as mullet, flathead, garfish and for those who like them, eels will be around in good numbers.
The eastern end of the structure will be the best place to wet a line on the run in tide.

Port Albert: Rob Killury runs the local general store and says over the last week there has not been a great deal of activity but no doubt there are still plenty of fish around.
Before the break in the weather Rob says there has been very good numbers of whiting being caught by boaters and land-based anglers off the jetties.
He says there have been a quite a few that are undersize but this is a good sign for the future.
The size fish have been to the 37cm mark, which makes them worth the effort.
As well as whiting there have been quite a few mullet, silvers, flathead and eels with the run in tide being the best time to wet a line.
There have not been any reports from outside the entrance, which makes sense, as conditions have not been suitable.

Lakes Entrance: The footbridge has trevally, best results on blue bait.
Good numbers of salmon are being caught off the beaches for the brave (and warm).
Plenty of prawns in the lakes and offshore there have been plenty of gummies and snapper where squid and pilchard have been the best baits.

Lake Tyers: Bream are about from Mud Island, Gordon Bight and Blackfellows Arm.
Try number 2 jetty as well where best of the baits has been prawn and soft plastics.

Mitchell River: Bream are about at Eagle Point, the cut and back to grassy banks. Bait of choice being prawn and spider crab. With the weather conditions patience is required.

Tambo River: Local prawn and mussel are picking up fish. Best try the river mouth area but rug up well.

Nicholson: With conditions as they are bream are heading into the lake. Best spots to try are Jones Island and towards the river mouth. Prawn is worth a try.

Metung: Fishing is a bit quiet, but for the hardy souls try the boardwalk and Shaving Point for whiting and the odd flatty. Worm and soft plastics are preferred bait.

Paynesville: King Street jetties, Newlands Arm and the strait for bream taking prawn and plastics.

Hollands Landing: Medusa Point and Griffin Point for flathead, bream and some mullet. Best bait being prawn, white bait and cut pilchard. Toms Creek is also worth a try.

Marlo: Not good fishing weather but Lake Corringle has bream taking sandworm and prawn.
Try the rock groynes for luderick and the narrows for flathead, bream, salmon and mullet.
The surf beach has salmon and tailor on pilchard and poppers.

Bemm River: The entrance is still open where bream are in the lake taking local prawn. Water levels are rising steadily.

Tamboon Inlet: Peach Tree Creek for bream on fresh prawn and worm.
Fishermans Landing has been good for mullet and tailor also taking worm and prawn.
Try the surf beach for salmon.

Mallacoota: With wet and windy conditions the brave can find trevally from the new jetty on brown lures.
Luderick are at Captains Point and the main jetties taking weed.
Try the Cow Paddocks for bream.
The surf is a bit wild but some salmon are about.

Omeo High Country: As a result of weather conditions the rivers are rising, for those who venture out trout are taking scrubbies and nymphs.

A tip from King George to beginners: Through the week King George was asked how to pick a spot on the surf to fish.
The idea is to stand on top of a nearby sand dune if possible and look down on the water.
There will be relatively calm patches between the white wash and this will be the place to try your luck.
You don’t have to cast a huge distance where baits such as salted pipis, whitebait and squid are among the best of the presentations.
When you do catch a fish the idea is to bleed it immediately and place it head first into the sand so that it will drain properly but don’t leave it unattended.
Feathered thieves are always on the look for a free feed and they will strike at the first opportunity.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.