Having been involved at the Jeetho Hall as a newcomer for over 22 years, raised the funds in most part and oversaw the refurbishment of the building, I am bemused at the very least by the fact that the majority of the persons who have taken over the hall by whatever means today were nowhere to be seen prior to or interested and involved in the restoration process.
In fact, some were quite negative towards the project.
The public funds raised in most part from Federal and State Governments were provided to restore a building of historic importance, have a meeting place for all community members at no cost, and to use the significantly refurbished hall to encourage corporate engagement to fund the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the building, so as not to impost taxpayers again.
As an example, the current hall management use the facility annually as a caravan park.
Guess what? Now that the hall has a new life, some of these people who are morally and ethically bankrupt run selective memberships, nil notice of AGMs, don’t respond to reasonable correspondence and run the facility owned by all the community of Jeetho as a selective organisation.
Management practises need ethical reform immediately, annual accounts to be made available on request to all members of the Jeetho community or hand over the management to a Section 86 Committee of the SGSC until an all-encompassing management group is installed.
David Wanless, Jeetho.