Gareth_park_1915FISH Creek’s Gareth Park is the April nomination for the AFNL Football Rising Star Award.

Gareth is the youngest of four brothers and at the age of 16 he is quite a capable footballer.
In his second year of senior football his dedication to the game is outstanding and is shown through his performances thus far this season.
A solid pre-season with the Gippsland Power Under 18 squad has helped with Gareth’s fitness and has helped him mature even further as a footballer.
To be asked to be train with the Alberton senior interleague squad is also a privilege and at his young age is a great honour.
Gareth has played for Fish Creek all his life, coming through the junior ranks, then playing his first senior games last year as a 15-year-old under the guidance of Billy Clarke.
He has also been a part of the Gippsland Power Squad since he was 13 and been a part of the AFNL interleague junior teams each year.
He is a strong but not tall footballer, a fantastic tackler, great ball winner, elusive, can mark and provides accurate disposal of the ball by hand or foot.
He never goes to ground, because a wise man once said to him and his brothers, “If you’re on your knees, you’re at church praying – not playing footy, stay on your feet and run”.