I have contacted the Bass Coast Shire office to complain in regard to the road works on the Inverloch foreshore between Pensioners Point and the surf lifesaving club.
One of our school buses is scheduled to travel along this section of road.
It was not able to do so with the road works, the way the access is set up.
It did not allow the bus to safely travel this section. The driver needed to reverse away and take an alternative unscheduled route to drop off his school student passengers.
When I spoke to the engineering department I was told that the office plans were accurate and designed to allow vehicles to pass through.
Even when I explained that the driver found it unsafe and was unable to pass through, I was again told that the plans as done in the office showed that our bus could pass.
Please, get your own vehicle that is 14 metres long and four metres tall with limited agility to pass through these road works and then please contact me and tell me it is safe to take your children home via this section so I can pass on your message to my drivers.
Allan Fletcher, Depot Operations Manager, Leongatha, Westernport Roadlines.