THE awful run of bad weather continued through the week but there were a few very good days over the weekend and conditions on the land were near on perfect.
However no one told the fish that and although there were plenty of land-based anglers and boaters out on the water there were not a great deal of reports no doubt due to the prior bad conditions.

Surf: There were plenty trying their luck, enjoying the great weather conditions and although the fish were a bit on the quiet side, there were some happy fishers with something to put on the table.
There have been quite a few land based locals and visitors trying their luck off the surf but there has been a lot of kelp washed up which makes things awkward to say the least.
For those who like them there has been plenty of wrasse being caught.
King George came across one such angler last Sunday who had a couple of youngsters who were enjoying the near perfect conditions bar the kelp.
The angler was catching plenty of wrasse and at one stage-managed a double hook-up that were returned to the water.

Inverloch: Land-based anglers are still trying to work out where to wet a line especially from the entrance up to the Snags area where there has been huge amounts of sand relocated.
Where there had been deep channels there are now great big sand banks making life tricky.
There have been good results on both sides of the tide at low water.
True, the water temperature is now down to the winter levels, but there have been mullet, silvers, small salmon and the occasional whiting being caught.
The Tarwin River has been very popular with many land-based anglers as well as a sprinkling of boats looking for a fish.
The fishing platforms have also been very popular and even though the water levels have settled down the fish have been very hook shy.
The only report coming to King George was of Wonthaggi angler Frank Seaton who bagged nice size perch at the rock wall on a Bass yabby.
There have been a few eels also taking baits but it would be fair to say there is plenty of water mixed in with the fish.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly competition last Sunday where fish of the month was bream.
President Peter Clarke welcomed everyone along as well as new member Frank Seaton.
There was also a minute silence for Jenny Franke who recently passed away and sympathy was extended to husband Gary.
Jenny was a very respected club person who had always been a willing worker. She will be sadly missed.
Those present were reminded that the Tambo trip will be this coming weekend and it will be a great event as usual.
Harry Howell won the senior male section, with a 825gm bream for 4125 points.
The senior female section winner was Lyn Marshall with a 575gm flathead for 862 points.
The junior female winner was Haley Richards with a 350gm flathead for 525 points.
Monty Poulton won the veteran’s section with a 760gm bream for 3800 points.
Life Member Alan Bentick also reminded everyone of the rules that must be adhered to at the Tambo River and any offenders will be disqualified.

Shallow Inlet: Through the week there had been no activity on the water but with the better conditions over the weekend there was a flurry of activity.
There was however not a great deal of positive reports and nothing as far as whiting were concerned.
A few salmon, silvers and flathead made up what reports there were with best results seemingly on the run off tide.
Traditionally at this time of year the large schools of salmon will make an appearance where just about any type of surface lures will be effective.
They will usually be accompanied by large silvers, but there haven’t been any of these type of reports so far.

Port Welshpool: Information from the boat storage is that after the big blow, conditions were quite all right for fishing and there was very good numbers of flathead caught.
The fish were caught inside and outside the entrance with many boaters were looking for kingfish.
There were no reports of kingfish but there is no reason why they would not be around in good numbers as they were before the weather broke.
The flathead were taking a variety of lures and natural baits but there were not any reports of whiting for some reason, possibly because the flathead were so plentiful.
Whiting could be caught in the Lewis Channel where pipis, squid and Bass yabbies would be very effective.

Port Albert: Rob Killury who runs the local general store says the bad weather through the week brought all types of fishing to a halt.
When conditions suddenly improved there were very good numbers of flathead bagged with most reports coming from inside the entrance.
There were also gummies to the 1.5metre mark bagged with most boaters taking home something for the dinner plate.
The jetties were also productive with silvers, flathead and mullet making up most bags.

A tip from King George to beginners: With the winter weather now with us many land-based anglers are going for the gumboots in an effort to keep dry. Not a bad idea but if they have been left in the shed or whatever be sure to check them for two possibilities as they can be home for numerous critters looking for a home.
Various unwelcome freeloaders such as the red back spiders have been discovered after they have bitten an unprotected foot, which can require medical attention.
Of course over a period of time they can leak water if left unattended, which is very annoying at least.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on Email King George or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.