THE Wonthaggi Angling Club held its bi-annual competition last weekend at the Tambo River with a total of 36 entries.
Alan Bentick was the King of the Tambo with a bag of 7.220kg and Anne Poulton was Queen with a 1.725 kg.
The Prince was Hunter Tiziani with a bag of 2. 655 kg.
The Princess was Bridie Allan with a .510kg.
The winner of the team’s event was Alan Bentick, Sophia Allan and Erin Howell with a total of 7.220kg.
The Betty Ryan Memoral Shield was won by Jack Howell.
Life Member and King of the Tambo this trip Alan Bentick said that fishing was a bit on the slow side and if he had his time over again he would have fished the afternoon, as this was the most productive time as far as he was concerned.
Vice President Steve Howell said that this was a very enjoyable trip and he is already looking forward to the next event which will be held in November.

Inverloch: There have been plenty of land-based anglers and boaters trying their luck inside the entrance but there has been plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
A few whiting have been bagged to the 35cm mark that have been taking Bass yabbies, sand worms and pipis.
Mullet and small silvers have also been in reasonable numbers but again the numbers have not been all that impressive.
Mahers Landing has been not much better and anglers are battling for something to put on the plate.
In the vicinity of the Bathing Boxes a large lagoon has been formed where there has been large numbers of dead crabs and other small dead fish washed up.
The cause of death is not known but hopefully authorities will be able to work out what happened.
At the time of this report there had not been a reply from the authorities but hopefully there will be an explanation for the next report.
Even though the big schools of salmon haven’t turned up at the time of this report they are not too far off.
Experienced anglers know that when they make an appearance, fish to the 4kg mark will take a variety of surface lures as well as baits.
They will be accompanied with very good size silvers but at the time of this report they have not yet bent a rod.

Tarwin River: The river has also been very slow even though there have been plenty of land-based anglers trying their luck off the fishing platforms.
The lucky ones have been catching the odd perch that have been to the 30cm mark being just 3cm over the limit.
Small silvers, mullet and fairly good size eels are also making up reasonable bags.

Port Welshpool: There was not much activity on the water at Port Welshpool through the week but on Sunday the conditions were great and many boaters decided to head straight out wide.
The main fish caught were very good quality flathead that were bagged on a variety of baits and there was also a sprinkling of gummies.
Here were no reports of whiting as the boats ignored places such as the Lewis Channel but no doubt there are good numbers of them to be caught on another day.

Port Albert: Since the last report the weather has been a bit on the ordinary side but Sunday was great and there were quite a few boats on the water.
Most of the fish caught were flathead but no one was complaining as they were to the 1kg mark and taking a variety of natural baits.
There were no reports of lures such as soft plastics being used but no doubt they would have been a contributing factor.
The jetties had quite a few land-based anglers trying their luck with the only report being from Jamie Henderson who managed a mixed bag of silvers, mullet, flathead and a good size eel that managed to tangle up his rod.

Lakes Entrance: The town jetties have been good for mullet and luderick.
The Highway Bridge also has luderick taking weed and pilchard.
All the beaches are producing salmon on silver lures.
Offshore at Six Mile Reef, snapper, morwong, gummies and flathead are making a meal of pilchards and squid.

A tip from King George to beginners: Whenever you are going out fishing be sure to let someone know where you are going and your estimated time of return (ETA).
Better to go with a mate as there are many things that can go wrong on land or water-which can happen in an instant.
Also have a fully charged mobile phone and wear appropriate clothing.
These are just a few common sense things, but well worth remembering.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 5672 3474 or Good luck and Tightlines.

Tightlines 26/5/15, Mahers Landing

A visiting dad and kids trying their luck at Mahers Landing.








Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

A FEW good breaks in the weather this week and plenty of keen anglers put on an extra jumper and headed to their favourite land and boating spot.
The pleasing thing was there were plenty of quality fish reported.
Those that were successful catching fish during the last week did so mainly fishing tide changes and that was the case for boats and land but it wasn’t just the high tide.
The cooling water has also seen a few extra rays and the draughtboards are slowly coming into the bay.
There isn’t a lot you can do to avoid catching them but it is important that you check baits regularly as they will just sit and chew the bait and you won’t even know they are there.
If you are catching a few but would prefer to stay in that spot try something or change what you are doing. Make your leaders longer up to 6’ even getting your baits off the bottom, stop your berley for a while, change baits it’s not to say that will change anything but you don’t know and you have nothing to lose.
If you are running four rods make sure you have them in four different water depths and distances from the boat with fewer fish around you need to cover as much area as you can.
Those who persevered in the boats this week managed to land several snapper and I was told about eight that were all over 5kg with the best I saw 7.2kg.
Most of the snapper came from the areas you would normally fish early season but one came from The Corals and a couple from the western entrance.
Customers also reported that they actually saw the snapper on their sounders in very small schools and sat on them, berleyed up and were occasionally successful.
The other report I had from those fishing for snapper in the top end of the bay was several very big fast runs and although no one managed to land one it sounded very much like a mulloway bite.
Baits were mixed with squid the best especially large strips on a snelled rig.
There is the odd school of salmon in the bay but not as many as I would have expected for this time of the year, whiting rig with a bit of blue bait or a small metal lure should do the trick.
There is still plenty of small flathead at The Corals, although one customer managed six that were 38cm and undersized gummies as well.
There were a few size flathead caught around the Top Light in the main channel at San Remo and a couple caught from those chasing whiting in Dickies Bay.
In Cleeland Bight several couta were caught last week which might account for the lack of whiting reports from that area.
Most of the whiting reports came from Dickies Bay and up towards Bass River and Reef Island.
Most were caught on the change of tide either low or high and not from the usual mid tide where I get most reports.
Those who caught them told me they were a bit timid and they would get one or two then wait 10 minutes and another couple and that’s the way it went for most of the session.
The whiting were good quality and I only had a couple of undersize ones reported.
The other whiting came from Corinella and over at Cowes between the boat ramp and McHaffies on the edge of the weed.
The salmon reports continued from the surf beaches this week with a few quality ones around 2kg reported from Woolamai.
Most of the reports were of salmon under 1kg and reports came from several beaches.
There was still a bit of weed at the Kilcunda Beaches with the island beaches cleaner.
If you persevered with the weed at Kilcunda there were a few salmon to be caught but it was hard work at times.
Cemetery and the Powlett Surf Beach was the best with some good gutters to be found.
Woolamai and as usual Anzacs was the best but several also came from the surf club beach.
There are still plenty of flathead offshore if you are lucky enough to find the school of them and can stay with them.
I had a couple of customers tell me they drifted for what seemed like hours moving and drifting different lines then they moved across 100m and all but bagged out in a very short time.
Another couple of good gummies and schoolies were also reported and there is a few schools of salmon and couta for a bit of bait.
I also had a customer tell me he had a couple of schools of Slimmeys come up to the boat while he was out there.