I was a few days ago visiting my mother who has recently moved to beautiful Inverloch.
One of the joys of course in Inverloch is walking along the lovely beaches; but unfortunately the last walk was met with a view of total carnage.
Strewn along the foreshore was a school (or schools) of dead or dying trevally fish and crabs.
On chatting to a local it was felt poisoning had been happening, not sure of the source, but could have been from local farms or industry of some sort emptying or draining contamination into the ocean.
What a devastating effect this has had not only for the trevally, but for who knows other sea creatures, including sea birds that feast on fish, in that locale.
I’m told the EPA has been contacted.
I do hope action is taken to attempt to locate such irresponsible activity.
Gwyn Lindsay, Melbourne.