For weeks now we have had a constant reminder of what might come – coal seam gas mining.
Little blue markers, then the smaller ground microphones called geophones, dotted along our roadsides. A visual reminder every time we drive anywhere.
The inconvenience of having to travel 40km/h for 10km along Leongatha South-Outtrim Road while they are carrying out the seismic survey in approximately a 500m area.
The inconvenience of having trucks and utes in our school bus stop right at bus time!
And while they were carrying out the survey right outside our home on a Saturday, our house shook, on and off for 10 minutes.
It was not a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Is this the start of coal seam gas mining?
Will the information they are gathering be used to issue mining licences to companies that will destroy our pristine farmland and livelihoods, contaminate our water table, and rip apart our rural communities?
We need to make sure that our government knows that our community does not want coal seam gas mining.
Jodie Olden, Outtrim.