By Enzo Raimondo

SELECTING the estate agent to sell your home requires careful consideration, as it is your most valuable asset.
When looking to sell, there are two aspects of choosing an estate agent that are important to focus on.
The first factor is the local reputation of the agent.
Research commissioned by the REIV showing that home sellers prefer estate agents that are well regarded in the local area.
Speaking with family, friends and neighbours should provide you with information on their interaction with nearby agents, and seeking advice from people you trust is always valuable.
There’s clear value in using an agent that knows the area and its attractions, which lend themselves to the marketing of your home.
Another important factor is the commission.
Sellers should compare the cost the agent is quoting to sell the property, the strategy behind the advertising and marketing campaign and the agent’s professionalism.
Whilst comparing commissions is important it should not be the only criteria.
You seek to engage an agent that will be able to gain the best possible price and this may not necessarily be the agent that provides you with the lowest quote for their services.
You should also not necessarily choose the agent who provides you the highest estimated selling price for your property.
You should ask for the comparable sales in the local area and the analysis of market trends that the agent used when they developed their estimated selling price.
Finally, the quality of an agent is directly linked to their education, training and access to market data.
REIV members have access to current information on each region of the state, including home and unit prices, wider economic trends and outlook information that is vital to timing the sale of your home, to deliver the best possible result either through private sale or auction.
REIV members also undertake continuing professional development as a key part of their membership.
This ensures REIV member agents keep up to date with changes to regulation, industry practices, market trends and maintain ethical standards.
For further information on member agents, including your nearest agent – and additional information on sales in your area, visit