The silence from the Bass Coast Shire Council is deafening.
Letters to the Editor since April 9 expressing outrage at actions of the council leadership on rates and other decisions made are numerous.
None to be seen in support of the council.
No comprehensive evaluation and formal answers in specific terms, to each of the points raised in the 30 plus submissions made in March/April, has been delivered as yet.
No feedback on the community engagement process undertaken by consultants in April has been delivered as yet.
So is this a council that genuinely listens to its community or just pretends to listen?
What will it take to get this council, which is blind to the pain of its broad community that is wounded and bleeding, to listen?
More carnage in the 2015/2016 budget with the poor decisions currently being made?
A silent mass protest to the gates of the fortress in Wonthaggi to get genuine reform?
A petition so long that the State Government will be forced to consider replacing the leadership with an Appointed Commissioner before elections are due in 2016?
M. de Run, Inverloch.