I attended Inverloch ‘Community Plus’ run by Cr Crugnale last Friday night and thought the guest speaker, Associate Prof David Kennedy was excellent.
His presentation also had great relevance to the ongoing debate about expanding the Hastings Port precinct.
Most notable was his observation that wherever man interferes with coastal processes, via building too close to the water and thereby having to install seawalls, which inevitably either collapse, or the immediately adjacent coastline generally suffers extreme erosion. This is especially true in areas with strong tides, such as Western Port
Local examples of this are the north end of the seawall at Pier Road Grantville (Sentinel-Times, June 16), the collapsed seawall near Malcolm Drive, Grantville and the eastern end of the massive rock wall at San Remo.
The end of the seawall built at Portsea after the Port Phillip channel deepening is another one.
So if the planned expansion at Hastings ever went ahead (5km long and 500 metres out into the Bay), what else could this ever be but a “massive seawall” that would do untold damage to the Ramsar protected coastline either side of it?
We can only hope that the warnings Mother Nature has given us via the above “scale models”, will be heeded.
Kevin Chambers, The Gurdies.