AN ELDERLY driver tried unsuccessfully to navigate the flooded Mouth of Powlett Road last week, and had to be rescued from his car.
The mouth of the river closed in March due to a build-up of sand, and rain since then has flooded the low lying areas nearby, including Mouth of the Powlett Road.
The driver said he saw cars driving through the flood water the previous day, and thought it was safe to do so.
The water is shallow in parts but there are sections of road that have been water damaged and washed out and are quite deep.
Emergency services were called to the area and rescued the man who was not injured.
Local paramedic Robin Lowe said the incident was a timely reminder to never drive through flood waters.
“You can never be certain what lies under the surface!
“Many vehicles have been attempting to drive through despite the road being closed for some time.
“Whilst some people have managed to get through previously, the road has now become quite treacherous.
“The driver of the car was unaware that access to the Mouth of the Powlett River is now possible via a road that runs through the Desalination Plant Reserve and can be accessed from the Lower Powlett Road.”