After approximately 14 weeks still no action had been taken and no contact made with me or my family in response to my request to have the table drain cleaned so as to prevent the water scour across the intersection of Whitelaw Road and Sullivans Road, Whitelaw.
The situation had become critical when my daughter came close to a head on collision caused by a visitor to the area swinging wide to the wrong side of the road in an attempt to avoid the scoured-out road surface.
Several other local road users had also contacted Council. Out of a sense of frustration and concern for my family’s safety, I contacted the Sentinel-Times on Wednesday, June 10, and they responded to my request to support me in publicly highlighting the issue.
Within two days, Council maintenance staff were there to fix the problem. It would seem word was out that I had been to the press.
I do not blame the Council Depot staff, after working for the Council as a front line customer service officer over many years I am well aware of the restrictions of budget and the need to respond to maintenance requests in a systematic manner.
What really annoyed me was to open the Sentinel-Times and see the advertisement for several middle management staff and no indication of maintenance works to be done in the Whitelaw area.
Also the report in a previous edition of the paper, re the proposed engagement of Council of yet another consultant in order to compile a report on the need for a new Council office block. Surely the present staff can compile such a report or is South Gippsland now following the trend of being top heavy, set by Bass Coast?
I am not the only pebble on a very large beach, but what has happened to all the reasons given for Council amalgamations, which at the time had some validity or more to the point what has happened to the present management of our monies in a manner that the rate paying public is entitled to expect?
Or, do I, at 68 years of age, have to continue to physically endeavour to assist in the general maintenance of Sullivans Road?
Dennis Conn.