The Nationals have a clear position when it comes to onshore gas: we will never support any mining activity that jeopardises our land, environment or water.
More importantly, our farmers deserve the right to say no to onshore gas exploration on their property.
Last time Labor was in government, they issued 73 coal seam, shale and tight gas exploration licenses and approved 23 fracking operations with no community consultation.
The Liberal-Nationals Coalition introduced the moratorium to halt those operations, which is still in place today.
Recently, The Nationals, along with the Liberals, joined with Labor to set up a sensible inquiry into onshore unconventional gas.
Unfortunately the Greens played their usual political games, lodging nine amendments to the inquiry in Parliament just moments before voting.
The Liberal-Nationals Coalition actually tried to broaden the scope of the inquiry to include all onshore gas, not just unconventional, but the Greens voted against that.
But that’s the Greens for you – they’d rather a quick headline than a common sense outcome.
These are the same Greens who want to kill the tradition of cattle in the high country, kill off forestry and the thousands of jobs that go with it, and ban duck hunting.
Peter Walsh, Leader of The Nationals, Member for Murray Plains.